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More nudes are being sent and uploaded during quarantine

An article stated that more nudes have been taken during self-isolation due to pandemic. 

  • People said that it was their way to earn validation as everyone has been on quarantine.

Amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, it seems like the world has hit a major pause. With most countries under a lockdown, more and more are finding it hard to look for something that will entertain them for the time being.

But it seemed like some found a new hobby: posting and sending nudes.

In a Buzzfeed article, a woman named Alicia admitted the global pandemic situation has motivated her to send a nude to a friend. She was used to sending it to former romantic partners but how that she’s stuck in quarantine, she suddenly felt the need for some validation.

“So I sent them to her for her to say nice things and hype me up,” she said.

It seems like she’s not alone as people all around the world have been taking and sending more intimate photos with partners, friends, and followers while inside the comfort of their homes.

In the Philippines, some netizens have also been confused about the sudden rise of nudes online.

One of Reddit’s top subreddits for personal nudes, r/GoneWild, had an all-time peak in posts on March 28. Even moderators of the website said that they didn’t know what drove more people to post nudes on that day.

A music writer in Australia also admitted that he’s been sending and receiving more nudes on Snapchat and Twitter.

“When you’re single, and you can’t meet up with anyone, phone sex/snapchat sex/exchanging nudes is a good way to pass the time and keep libido in check,” he said.

Written by J M

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