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Ethel Booba wants people to ignore Mocha Uson so that the latter will grow tired of seeking attention

Ethel Booba tells everyone that she has no opinion on Mocha Uson’s tweets

  • Ethel Booba expressed her indifference when it comes to Mocha Uson.
  • The comedian has also tweeted something similar about Uson’s statements in the past. 

Aside from her television and comedy bar appearances, Ethel Booba is known for actively sharing her political opinions on her Twitter account.

She has also fearlessly questioned and slammed politicians and their choices in the past.

But in a recent tweet, she once again expressed her disinterest with what Mocha Uson has to say regarding the ABS-CBN franchise renewal matter. “Antayin natin ang palusot nanaman ng ABSCBN. Magaling sila dyan. #ShowtimePowerKulitan,” Uson wrote in one tweet.

When a netizen asked for Ethel’s opinion, she answered that she has nothing to say and just leave the Deputy Executive Director of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) alone until she gets tired of seeking attention.

On the matter of the network’s franchise renewal, the comedian shared how a jobless friend of hers told her that it would be okay if ABS-CBN goes off-air because it won’t benefit Filipinos anyway.

Ethel replied by saying that the network pays a huge sum in taxes and provides jobs for other citizens, unlike her unemployed friend who doesn’t contribute.

Ethel has previously expressed her indifference when it comes to Uson when the latter bashed the country’s Senators for wanting to go forward with the franchise renewal inquiries.

Uson stated that Senators should protect the people, not those who are on top.

Ethel Booba was then asked by one of her followers to react to the post, and Booba just dismissed it.

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