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Doctor slams DOH Sec. Duque for giving ‘stupid’ advice to people who have COVID-19 symptoms

Balud created a Twitter thread criticizing Duque for saying such things.

On Thursday, the Department of Health Secretary Francisco Duque III advised people to just manage themselves if they experience COVID-19 symptoms instead of waiting to get tested.

“If you already know the symptoms, manage it as if it’s COVID-19. If all indications suggest that it’s probably COVID-19, why wait for a test? Manage it as COVID-19 right away. You assume. That’s the way to do it,” Duque acknowledged the fact that the Philippines doesn’t have the capability to do mass testing.

“We have to rationalize, prioritize those who belong to the vulnerable sector—the elderly and those with underlying conditions.

“Do we have to test each and every Filipino? That’s 104 million. I think no country would be able to do mass testing to the extent of the population of the [Philippines],”

Clinton Balud, a doctor from Baguio City did not like what Duque said because it can actually cause unwanted harm.

Balud created a Twitter thread criticizing Duque for saying such things.

The treatments for COVID-19 patients are very different from those who just exhibit symptoms but don’t really have the virus. Plus the medications for COVID-19 patients are not easily accessible.

Treating COVID-19 patients is tedious and difficult. Putting on PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) can take at least 10 minutes, and is enough to cause hypoxemia which affects the functions of the heart and brain.

If a person suffers from cardiac arrest and is suspected to have COVID-19, responders are advised to wear PPE before approaching the patient.

They are not to listen if the patient is still breathing, checking the pulse is enough. If the pulse and breathing are absent, then responders are to hook the patient to a defibrillator given that the rhythms presented are shockable, to keep the heart from completely dying. If not, then compressions should be given until Advanced Life Support (ALS).

Giving rescue breaths to COVID-19 patients is not advisable to avoid the spreading of the virus. Intubation should be done by an experienced health worker, and resuscitation should be done effectively. After that, PPE should be removed, and disinfect all items that should be disinfected. Disposable ones should be put in the COVID-19 bin.

Those who will be labeled as negative will then be denied further treatment if hospitals are going to follow Duque’s advice.

Netizens are discrediting Duque because prior to his current position as the Health Secretary, he has never been in a position where he had to make a consequential decision regarding someone else’s life, such as being a doctor.

Duque continues to disappoint as the Health Secretary.

Duque seems like he doesn’t care at all.

Some couldn’t hold in their anger towards Duque anymore.

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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