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Daughter asks public to stop making fun of her father’s photos online

A colleague said that it was supposed to be an inside joke when he was working at the Lung Center of the Philippines. 

  • A daughter requests netizens to stop making fun of her father.
  • Her father was mistaken for a prison escapee as his orange-colored hospital scrubs looked like what inmates wear.

A young woman on Twitter posted screenshots of a man wearing an orange shirt and pants with the words “Pulmo” printed on the back.

The caption of the Facebook user named Jerence Banglag said, “Naku may nakawala ata”, hinting that the man looked like he escaped from prison.

At first, you would think that the ensemble is similar to what inmates wear, but Twitter user @aeyapenaf asked the public to stop making fun of the man who turned out to be her father.

The man is a pulmonologist from Notre Dame de Chartres Hospital at Baguio, Benguet. What he’s wearing is a scrub sit which he got from when he was still at the Lung Center of the Philippines. The daughter clarified that it’s one way of coping as the situation, especially in the field of medicine, is stressful because of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the country.

“Pls stop insulting this post. you never know malay mo ikaw pa lumapit sakanya para humingi ng tulong :)) be kind to your front liners please,” she wrote.

Another netizen quoted the tweet and said that he’s colleagues with the man in the photo and was one of his doctors when he had his operation in 2012.

“He is a great doctor. Scrubs nya yan during fellowship niya. Kaya P ang tatak kasi para silang preso sa loob ng ICU pag nakaduty, he said.”

A pulmonologist is a physician who specializes in the respiratory system. This makes the man a frontliner and a significant individual in the country’s fight versus COVID-19.

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