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Sen. Dick Gordon proud to have helped China by sending face masks; Netizens express their disappointment

Netizens questioned the government’s decision to provide millions of face masks to another country while its own citizens suffer. 

  • Senator Dick Gordon tweeted about how proud he was that the Philippines was able to aid China by sending them more than a million dollars worth of surgical masks.
  • With the announcement of the first confirmed case of nCov in the country, citizens are having a hard time finding face masks to buy for themselves.

Filipinos have flocked to drug stores to buy preventive measures against the Wuhan coronavirus such as sanitizers, rubbing alcohol, vitamin supplements, and face masks.

This followed after the confirmation that a Chinese tourist had tested positive for the 2019 novel coronavirus (nCov).

Hundreds of drug stores have run out of surgical masks but the demand has not been letting up, especially after the Department of Health announcement.

With this, people have expressed their frustrations online, saying that the government couldn’t even help its citizens when it comes to such a basic necessity such as healthcare.

Adding to the stress of the netizens is Senator and Philippine Red Cross chairman Richard “Dick” Gordon’s tweet, saying that he’s proud that the Philippines was able to send $1.4 worth of face masks to Wuhan, China.

Now that the Philippines is very much in need of the masks, people are starting to question as to why the government didn’t think about giving the said masks to the Filipinos instead of shipping it all the way to China.

Writer Juan Miguel Severo was one of those who reacted to Gordon’s tweet. “Nasaan ang masks at ang bilis ng aksyon kapag Pilipino ang may kailangan?” he questioned.

Another netizen then asked if there are even plans to suspend classes because of the current situation.

Gordon then continued to receive criticism over his tweet.

There is currently one confirmed case of nCov in the Philippines while 56 persons are still under investigation.

Written by J M

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