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This is the reason you should never squish dog ticks

  • Dog owners should avoid squishing ticks
  • These ticks still have thousands of eggs even after getting squished
  • Ticks carry a variety of infections

Ticks can be a really big problem for dogs. They latch on to the dogs to suck up blood, making your pet itch, weak, or sick.

Pet owners can’t help but squish these parasites, but the truth is they really shouldn’t.

LIFE VERSE PH posted a photo on Facebook with the intention to spread awareness about dog ticks.

The photo shows a dog tick in a clear plastic bag that had been squished and already dead for a week. Under the light, you could see numerous eggs surrounding the tick.

The page said that instead of squishing the parasites, one should just drown them in bleach.

“Never talaga tirisin yung kuto ng mga alaga kasi kakalat lang itlog nila. Ibabad nalang sila sa zonrox or gaas.”

CDO Spay and Neuter Campaign, a non-profit organization, also said that these ticks should be drowned in bleach or burned. stated, “Drop the tick into alcohol to kill it. Flushing down the toilet will not kill ticks; it’s a sewer theme park ride for them. Do not squish the tick to death with your fingers. Contagious tick-borne diseases are transmitted this way. Instead, drop the tick into a container of alcohol.”

Ticks have the ability to transmit Lyme Disease to your pets, and even you.

According to Blue Cross For Pets, if you suspect that your dog has this, then look for signs such as fever, lameness, swollen and painful joints, and swollen lymph nodes.

Removing them properly is very important. Twisting them off your dog is the best removal method.

Make sure not to squeeze a tick’s body because this increases the risk of infection.

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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