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Woman attacked with a needle, might be affected with a virus

  • An innocent bystander gets attacked with a needle
  • She might have been infected with a virus
  • Doctor urges her to get tests done

Clarisse Cruz shares a sad story about her friend whose identity she kept hidden. Her friend had made a thread on Twitter about her experience and Clarisse shared it on Facebook.

The friend was walking along a footbridge when she came across with decent-looking old lady who suddenly punched her arm.

Her friend decided to ignore the unusual incident and continued her way to the mall. After a while, she noticed that her arm had rashes and was going numb. She also noticed a red dot in the area where she was punched.

She realized that something had pierced her skin since blood came out when she squeezed it. This had her really worried as she initially thought that it was just a blunt force trauma.

She told her story to nurses who were shocked because they had previous cases like this.

They advised her to get a medico-legal and based on their previous patients, have herself tested since those patients were mostly infected with HIV or Hepatitis.

The doctor confirmed that her skin was penetrated with a needle and that he suspected it could be infected with a virus. The doctor also said that if the puncture wound is shallow, then there is a good chance she won’t be getting any diseases. A deep wound would increase the chances of an infection.

They checked on her vaccination records and confirmed that she would be safe from hepatitis. Unfortunately, since there is no cure or vaccine for HIV, it means she could have been exposed to a deadly virus.

Clarisse said her friend does not deserve this.

The post has nearly 30k likes.

Written by paulie walnuts

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