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Taekwondo high school athlete caught in the act; Netizens furious over bullying

  • Bullying videos in Ateneo Junior High School have gone viral on Facebook.
  • It showed a student physically hurting others by using his taekwondo skills.
  • Ateneo de Manila University has released a statement saying that they are conducting an investigation regarding the incident.

Videos have gone viral on Facebook showing a kid bullying his schoolmates from Ateneo Junior High School.

Three videos of the taekwondo athlete have spread around the platform. The first one was him fighting with a student wearing white.

The taller student have surrendered at the end of the video.

Another video showed a student kneeling in front of the athlete while being told to say that he’s stupid and even asked him to kiss his foot.

The third video was the worst as he repeatedly kicked and punched another student in the face. This resulted to the latter having a bloody face after the taekwondo athlete was done beating him.

As multiple uploads of the videos have gone viral, Ateneo de Manila University has released a statement, signed by principal Jose Antonio Salvador, saying that they are aware of the content that has been going around social media.

“The Ateneo Junior High School is dealing with this matter seriously beginning with an immediate investigation that ensued the moment the report reached us.

“We express our concern about the risks associated with sharing the video, online and in social media groups.”

Read and share the official statement of the AJHS Principal on the Fighting Video .

Posted by Ateneo de Manila Junior High School on Wednesday, December 19, 2018

It also stated that the privacy of the students have been breached and it has also “provoked” uncalled for reactions.

“May we appeal however to the rest to help in putting a stop to the indiscriminate spreading of the video.”

Viral videos solicit reactions from netizens

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