Suzette Doctolero agrees with ‘#BabaeAko selectiveness’

  • Suzette Doctolero shared Antonio Contreras’ statement regarding #BabaeAko.
  • Contreras compared different reactions regarding controversies that involve women.

On October 9, GMA Network‘s head writer Suzette Doctolero shared a post by columnist and professor Antonio Contreras‘ about ‘#BabaeAko selectiveness’.

It was about a comparison between the case of President Rodrigo Duterte kissing a woman on the lips versus Gretchen Fullido‘s ongoing lawsuit against two ABS-CBN executives.

In Contreras’ post, he said that the movement was born after the Duterte incident, however, when Fullido got assaulted by other women without her consent, supporters of the movement suddenly appealed to “context, due process and sisterhood.”

Another #BabaeAko selectiveness.

It was when the President kissed a woman on-stage with her consent that the movement was born, to protest the misogyny.

But now that Gretchen Fullido has been sexually assaulted without her consent, but by another woman, adherents of the movement deploy creative ways to appeal to context, due process and sisterhood.

He also mentioned about the celebration regarding Leila De Lima‘s sexual controversy that was said to have turned her into the face of #EveryWoman.

It is very much like them condemning the womanizing of men, but even celebrated Leila De Lima’s sexual agency for having a sexual relationship with a married man and turned her into an icon of #EveryWoman.

This is precisely why even if I am a feminist ally, that I could not fully appreciate this selective form of gender politics.

The post was then shared by Doctolero in her Facebook account and wrote “So true.”

So true. 

Written by J M

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