Who’s faster? Smart surpasses Globe in terms of download speed

  • Smart wins against Globe when it comes to download speed.
  • The two telecommunication networks tied when it came to the 4G latency.

United Kingdom-based wireless coverage mapping company OpenSignal said that telecommunications company Smart outperformed rival Globe when it came to overall download speed.

The site released the week’s Mobile Network Update for August 2018. They collected 949,285,077 measurements from 76,034 test devices from May 1 to July 29 this year.

“Analyzing 949 million measurements collected in the 90 days from May 1, 2018, we compared the 3G and 4G results of the Philippines’ two mobile operators, Globe Telecom and PLDT’s Smart Communications.”

Smart defeated Globe in terms of 4G average download speeds with 13.02 megabits per second and the latter having 7.34 megabits per second. Smart also has 5.53 megabits per second on 4G average upload speeds, which is higher than Globe’s 2.96 megabits per second.

“As was the case six months ago, Globe and Smart split our 4G availability and 4G download speed awards. While Smart’s lead in LTE download speed is still quite large in our measurements, Globe’s lead in 4G availability has shrunk considerably. In our latest test period, Smart closed the gap in 4G availability to less than 4 percentage points. Smart’s growth in 4G reach has been quite phenomenal lately. 18 months ago, Smart’s 4G availability score languished below 40%.”

On the other hand, Globe claimed the top spot when it came to 3G download speed with 2.7 megabits per second while Smart has 2.34 megabits per second.

With this, Smart still wins the overall download speed competition as they have 7.46 megabits per second over Globe’s 5.01 megabits per second. The site noted that this is recorded based on an operator’s 3G and 4G network.

When it came to 4G latency, Smart and Globe are at a draw — Globe with 55.15 milliseconds, while Smart with 53.48 milliseconds. OpenSignal defined latency as “the delay data experiences as it makes a round trip through the network.”

“In our 4G latency metric, we saw a rebalancing of the scales. Latency measures a network’s response time, with lower scores being better. Smart’s 4G latency results suffered over the last six months, increasing by more than 5 milliseconds, while Globe’s improved by roughly the same amount. We now have a tie between the two operators in this metric whereas six months ago Smart was clearly in the lead. We also recorded dramatic improvements in 3G latency on both operators’ networks, though Smart held onto the award in this category.”

Written by J M

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