Motorbike rider choses to protect her food more than her life

Motorbike rider choses to protect her food more than her life

  • This motorbike rider gets angry after getting caught for not wearing a helmet, twice
  • Woman gets abusive towards the man filming them
  • Netizens react on how crazy their reason is for not wearing helmets

We know how much of a hassle it could be if we get pulled to the side of the road by traffic enforcers after getting caught for violating the law. Lucky for us, some enforcers are kind enough to sometimes let us pass if it is our first time to violate.


However, if we got caught for the second time already and for the same reason then we should admit that we really are on the wrong and must abide with the punishment, accordingly. Unless you want this scenario to happen…

A woman riding as a passenger in a motorbike gets abusive after officers caught her for not wearing a helmet, twice. The incident reportedly happened in Visayas Avenue, Quezon City.

As filmed on the video, it can be seen how the woman shouted offensive language towards the enforcer who is only lecturing them about the importance of wearing helmets. They were pulled aside for the second time that day because the woman was caught carrying the helmet on her arm instead of wearing it on her head.

The video also showed how she tried to physically hit another official when she caught him filming them. She even shouted profanities and tried to make him stop filming by hitting him using the helmet that she’s carrying.

Because the woman seems out of control, the other officials can be heard trying to calm the woman and the situation down saying, “kalma lang po, kalma lang, hindi kailangan umabot sa ganyan.”

The man with her also tried to pull her away by grabbing her hand and saying, “hayaan mo na ‘yan, walang mapapala ‘yan, but still, the woman continued with her behavior.

Based on a Facebook post shared by a netizen, originally, the motorbike tandem already got their first ticket at Road 3, Quezon City. The woman even complained that she thought one of the officers was laughing at her- the reason why she kept on cursing at them.

On their first violation,  the traffic enforcers just issued them a ticket and let them move along because they were reportedly hard to talk to. However, fifteen minutes after the first violation, they were again caught by the same officials for still not wearing a helmet at Visayas Avenue, Quezon City and that is when things got out of control.

Their reason for not wearing a helmet:

Although the guy driving the motorbike is wearing his helmet, the girl rider refused to wear hers because of what seems to be a more important reason than her life: to protect their food!

When asked by the officer why she keeps on not wearing the helmet even after getting caught, she answered saying, “eh may binili kaming ulam!” which is supposedly placed inside the helmet. Hence, she’s only carrying it on her hand.

The video went viral and netizens shared their reactions on how alarming the incident was and at the same time, how utterly crazy their reason is for not wearing helmets.

UPDATE: Chezka Bautista, the woman involved in the incident, took to Facebook her sentiments about the people who were bashing them on social media. Chezka called on to netizens to not be one-sided and to know their side of the story first before making any judgments.

Chezka claimed that they were insulted by the traffic enforcers and it was just not caught in the video. She tells people to think about their side of the story first before they bash them.

“Inaabuso niyo kapangyarihan niyo tas pag lumaban kami ibabash niyo kami? Huy anong mentality yan?” she said on the post.

Although Chezka admits their fault and violation, she shared that the incident caught on the video was not the whole story. She posted that they were in fact, insulted and laughed at by the officials when they were talking to them and asking them nicely.

Additionally, one of the friends of Chezka defended her from the people bashing her. Based on the post, Chezka is suffering from some emotional problems and it just affected the way she acted.

“She suffered from emotional problems recently so the way sya mag-isip at i-manage ang emotions nya apektado. So di ibig sabihin na kapag may emotional problem ka bobo ka na agad. Sana maintindihan nyo yun,” as posted on Facebook.

The friend also calls out the people who keep on bashing Chezka and reasoned out that we are all human after all and can also make mistakes.

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