Faith In Humanity Restored! This Driver Returns Bag Containing Money and Gadgets

Faith in humanity was once restored after this Facebook post of Jann DG went viral.

In her post, she shared her mom’s experience in San Mateo, Rizal. It was om  February 20 when Jann’s mother and niece went to Ampid, San Mateo to withdraw some cash. They rode a tricycle instead, since their car was not available at the time.

They were already home when they noticed what’s missing. Her mother’s purse contains money, phones, ID’s, and even business cards.

They went back to Budgetlane where they rode a tricycle earlier. Considering how people think nowadays, Jann started to think that the purse will no longer be returned to them.

Then, fortunately, after trying to call the phone inside her mother’s purse, someone picked up. Rannie A. Nunag, the driver of the tricycle with the plate number B2-568 was the one who answered the call.

Driver Returns Bag Containing Money and Gadgets
Rannie Nunag | Photos from Jann DG

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Nunag answered the phone call and said, “Ma’am, sa inyo po ba ‘yung bag? Saan ko po ibabalik ‘to? Sa pinaghatiran ko po kanina?”

They rushed to Budgetlane and agreed to meet at the terminal. Jann found Nung holding the purse with everything untouched inside.

“Ma’am, buti hindi po kinuha no’ng dalawang nakasakay kanina. Inaabot ko po kasi akala ko sa kanila,” the driver even confessed.

With over a hundred thousand reactions on Facebook, and 31,396 shares, she admitted in her post that after they realized that her mother’s purse was gone, they no longer hoped for it to be returned.

Life is hard, and every day, people fight for survival. It’s easy to keep what this tricycle driver has found, but he chose to do the right thing.

May this inspire other drivers. Kudos to our honest public drivers!

Here is the original post of Jann DG:

PLEASE READ!!!RANNIE A. NUNAG, tricycle driver of body number B2-568Budgetlane—San Mateo, RizalIt was February 20,…

Posted by Jann DG on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Written by Denis Santos

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