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Shocking! This Baby Was Stabbed 90 Times By Her Own Mother, But Why?

His Own Mother Stabbed Him 90 Times After He Bit Her While Breastfeeding

WARNING: This article includes disturbing pictures of the baby after the incident.

China–Xiao Bao, an 8-month-old baby when this happened, was found by his uncle in their backyard drenched in his own blood while the mother wasn’t there. He then realized that the baby was stabbed several times with scissors and his mother was the suspect.

According to the reports, his mother was breastfeeding the baby when he accidentally bit her. This made the mother so mad, and stabbed Xiao for 90 times!

Baby Stabbed 90 Times
Poor Baby Stabbed 90 Times | Photo by The Epoch Times

Xiao was rushed to the nearest hospital by his uncle. Fortunately, the doctors were able to save him, receiving over a hundred stitches all over his body.

When feared he could develop scars after this heartless incident, the doctors said no. Xiao still has a young skin, but the doctors said that the baby might develop psychological scars from the cringy assault.

Even after what his mother did to her own baby, officials cannot take away Xiao from her. It was found out that the mother has no mental illness and is still capable of taking care a child.

It was decided that his uncle would take responsibility for the child. They are now living in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, a province in Eastern China.

The Baby is still recovering until now, and in very good hands with his uncle.

Baby Stabbed 90 Times
Over a hundred stitches were done on Baby Xiao | Photo of Rex Feat via Quirky China News

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