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This Bae-Yani Went Viral And Now Got Featured on Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho

Perfect resemblances, as people would describe this student from Davao to our national hero, Jose Rizal. After he went viral, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho featured this new Bae-Yani last February 26.

Rizal Resurrected

Bae-Yani Went Viral Feautred on KMJS
Malupa’s classmates took a picture with him posing beside Rizal’s image | Photo from Filipino Vines

A civil engineering student at the University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao City, Jeremy Malupa was reportedly studying in the library when one of his friends teased him about looking like Rizal. His friends then posted it online.

Noong time po na iyon parang nagpe-prepare lang po kami para sa isang quiz. Umupo kami doon sa may picture ni Dr. Jose Rizal. Naisipan po ng kaklase ko na tumabi raw po ako kay Dr. Jose Rizal, parang magkamukha raw po kami,” he shared the reason behind the viral post.

[At the time, we were studying for an examination and we sat near the picture of Dr. Jose Rizal. Then my classmate asked me to sit beside the image and said I look just like Rizal.]

Days after, Filipino Vines shared and uploaded Malupa’s picture sitting beside a framed picture of Jose Rizal. The post immediately went viral. The unbelievable resemblances of the two amazed the netizens. Some even said that it could be Rizal’s reincarnation, but others say he arrived from the past using a time machine.

The feature from Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho aired on February 26:

The original post of Filipino Vines with a caption, “Time Machine is Real” already had almost 320,000 reactions and more than 115,000 shares.

Written by Denis Santos

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