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Little-known Marcos Facts and Myths

Bonus trivia: The (Urban) Legend of Bongbong’s Clone


Some people believe that the Bongbong Marcos we see now is not the original Bongbong, but is merely his clone. According to the legend, Ferdinand and Imelda’s only son died, but accounts vary as to the cause of his death.

Some say he died while engaging in a brawl with a classmate who was an Indian national, while others say he died after getting involved in a traffic accident in his teens.

Ferdinand Marcos with Bongbong

Yet another account states that rebels from Mindanao abducted the young Marcos and executed him. Whatever the case, his death prompted Imelda to convince one of her nephews to undergo plastic surgery and take the place of her son as Ferdinand’s successor, or so the legend states.

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