Duterte wants death penalty by hanging, not lethal injection

DAVAO CITY, Philippines. In his bid to eliminate criminality and corruption in the Philippines within three to six months, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte wants to restore death penalty by hanging for certain crimes.

The 71-year-old incoming president of the country told several lawmakers about his plans to restore death penalty as capital punishment during a meeting on Tuesday, June 7 in Davao City.

But instead of carrying out the punishment through lethal injection, which is deemed as more humane and was used under the administration of President Joseph Estrada, the maverick politician prefers hanging to instill fear among criminals.

Among the lawmakers who attended the meeting was Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez who was quoted saying:

Hindi daw nakakatakot yung lethal kasi patutulugin mo. Samantalang yung hanging makikita mong nagkakawag-kawag doon.” (People are not afraid of lethal injection since [the person] is put to sleep. While in hangings, you can see [the person] wiggling there.)

Saying that death by hanging is virtually painless, Duterte said in a previous interview:

“Yung hanging, once the spine is ripped off inside, wala na. Just like putting off a light.”

Duterte intends to restore death penalty for criminals guilty of heinous crimes such as murder, rape, and robbery. Those involved in gun-for-hire groups and illegal drug trade as well as corrupt officials are also subject to this kind of punishment, based on Duterte’s plans.

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