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Did Kris Aquino unfollow Judy Ann Santos?

Oh, how the tides can turn between Queens!

The two Queens certainly seemed chummy months ago, but their paths diverted. It’s pretty obvious that Queen of Soap Opera Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo got a ‘bad shot’ from Queen of All Media Kris Aquino after she posted an article about ‘Obama canceling his schedule to meet returned bodies of fallen troops,’ a gesture that’s very different from what President Benigno Aquino III did during the arrival of the 44 members of the Philippine National Police’s elite special action force killed during a firefight with rebels at the Villamor Airbase, Pasay City on Thursday morning.

Santos was unfollowed by the presidential sister (we already checked Aquino’s Instagram account) on Saturday after she made a statement “Just saying… Obama knows his priorities….” on Instagram.

Santos is one of our local celebrities who paid their respects to the 44 elite soldiers who died fighting in Maguindanao on Sunday, January 25.


Aquino supposedly unfollowed Santos on Instagram for obvious reasons.

It was also confirmed by her official Facebook page when they posted our first article about this issue, “What your reactions judinians lalo na unfollow ni @beingkrisaquino si queen @officialjuday sa instagram.”


The Queen of All Media is currently following 304 accounts, none belonging to Santos. Meanwhile, Santos is still following Aquino on Instagram.

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  1. Kris Aquino unfollowed a lot of people on IG, including Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid. I guess, hindi nya nagustuhan yung mga sinabi nila. lol

  2. Grow up! why cant you just accept that your brother , as our president has responsibilities to the people of the Philippines….., he needs to set his priorities straight. The people of the Philippines has expectations from him, and yet he did a very good job of disappointing us. If we voice out our frustrations we have every right to do so. Regardless of who you are or status in the community can certainly do so. Just because you wrote every sympathy card yourself , and have the audacity to tell the public of what you did, and proud of it too!do you think it would ease the pain of the family members that was left behind by the fallen 44 because the sympathy card says from “Kris Aquino”, how many more Sympathy cards are you willing to write?

  3. turuan natin ng leksyon ang aroganteng kris aquino na yan. i-ban ang lahat ng shows niya sa abs-cbn, pati ang mga inendorsed niyang mga produkto like chowking, baygon at marami pa para malaman niya kung galit ng bayan.

  4. Gus2 nla kc lagi na lang silang PINUPURI kc nga respetado at bayani ang ama nla tingin nla lhat ng gnagawa nla Tama. Ayaw nla tumanggap ng Negative comments kampi kampi agad cla khit alam nman nlang mali cla na may tama cla… ulo.

  5. The presidential sister is so stupid not to understand where just ann santos is coming from, she did that because she knows it’s true that her brother doesn’t know his priorities. C’mon grow up biatch!

  6. Tayong mga Pinoy masyadong malambot di na natuto sana naging lesson na Sa atin ng ma dead 1st Aquino nagkaruon ng snap election naging president ang isang aguino dahil Sa sympathy ano nangyari lalong tayong nag hirap at nag umpisa na Ang corruption at naka wan ng nasa government officials at the second time namatay uli ang isang Aquino same story wala Sa Plano pero dahil Sa sympathy at awa naging presidente uli Ang Isa pang mas buhok na Aquino sino pa kaya ang susunod???? sana matuto na tayo dahil lahat tayong mahihirap ay lalong pinahihirapan ng mga sinungaling magnanakaw at corrupt na gobierno. May God help us and bless us all.

  7. What can you expect from a Kris Aquino? She knows nothing but to talk non-sense. She’s the type of person who’s devoid of humility and respect. Even with her shows, she doesn’t know how to listen to what her guests are about to say and sometimes even puts them in an awkward and embarassing position. Naturingang edukada pero walang etiketa at napaka taklesa. Learn to have an open mind Kris Aquino! Not all filipinos admire your clan, most especially you!



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