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Philippines as BPO Nation

For a long time, the dominant perception of business process outsourcing companies (BPOs) has been that of call centers and medical transcription services. In fact, such perceptions have even become part of the popular culture. However, BPO companies in the Philippines have gone beyond this traditional limitation.

The Philippines continues to strive to be among the top information technology business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) destinations in the world.

To improve ranking and maintain prominence, the Philippine IT-BPO sector constantly develop diverse talents in business services and information technology, professionals whose capabilities, skills and specializations that’s difficult to duplicate elsewhere. This is done through public-private partnerships with local government units and academic institutions.

Photo from Outsourcing Google Site. Philippines: One of the world’s best in BPO services.

In businesses today, especially when the public has become more meticulous and vigilant in the products they consume and the services they seek, perception is everything. And while companies try to maintain a good image mostly for their clients, it is important they do it too for potential employees.

How employees perceive the kind of work they do and the kind of company they serve affects their performance. Most outsourcing vendors are from developing countries, the labor pool more concerned with proper compensation than the opinions of other people. In the Philippines where employment opportunities are painfully scarce, perception is a privilege we just can’t afford. But then again, knowing your job is highly regarded and not an occupation that others scoff at definitely makes working easier.

There was a time when outsourcing in the Philippines was met with raised eyebrows, when Filipinos didn’t really consider it a “real” job, when it was just something to occupy their time and earn them money while looking for their niche. However, as more and more Filipinos climbed the corporate ladder and became executives by working in BPO companies, the negative PR surrounding outsourcing jobs slowly lifted and it has now become an occupation that Filipinos can boast to their neighbors and friends. And with the competitive compensation that call center agents get these days, it has actually become sought-after work. This is reinforced by call center academies that have suddenly sprouted throughout the city, aiming to equip potential agents with the appropriate skills and qualifications.

photo courtesy from Acquire Asia Pacific. One of their cutting-edge facility.

Filipinos are the kind of employees who can excel in whatever job they take as long as they are treated well and properly compensated for. In their eyes, outsourcing in the Philippines is a welcome opportunity to get ahead of the limitations set forth by the economic conditions of the country. It’s not just a real job, it’s the job, a job that can be long-term and rewarding. Maybe it’s not everyone’s dream job, but with hard work, the right attitude, and a positive outlook, it might just get you where you’ve always dreamed you’d be.

The BPO industry has the full support of the Philippine government as it has grown to be a significant contributor to the country’s growing economy. The government shows its full support by offering BPO firms six to eight-year tax holidays among others.

Photo from Teletech Philippines. A view of BPO call center set up on floor.

Though the Philippines has made its niche as the best destination in customer relationship management outsourcing, a wider portfolio in information tech research and business development lures more business process investments. The industry is expected to develop information communication technology like cloud outsourcing, app design and technology analytic.

By offering value in these specialized areas, the Philippines can capitalize and remain competitive.

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