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Cebu’s Most Beautiful ‘Shoplifter’ Got Caught Swiping Items Inside a Boutique

Looks, indeed can be very deceiving.


Sometimes, we just have to regard someone with suspicion no matter how good looking, hot or appealing a person is. Take for example the case of a 19-year-old lady named “Jobelle Bascug”. She is now regarded as “Cebu’s prettiest and sexiest shoplifter”! I wonder if this tag should be considered as a compliment or an insult since it can go either way. There is no doubt about her extremely pretty face. She can easily gain one’s trust just by showing a person her irresistible smirk.

Her charm really didn’t turn out to be that much of a factor this time as the authorities still questioned her for allegedly “shoplifting” which was proven with the help of a CCTV (closed-circuit television).

Photo grabbed from

Based on a report by Lou-Anne Mae Rondina of GMA Cebu, the suspect left the boutique in Mandaue City while wearing the shop’s dress, shoulder bag, jewelry and high-heeled shoes to the surprise of the sales personnel who never thought that a girl as pretty as that could ever do such crime. The beautiful lady was seen fitting different products inside the shop for almost two hours. She then searched for the restroom and hurriedly went out of the shop while still wearing the shop’s items according to a salesperson named Adam Dignos.

Screengrab from YouTube
Screengrab from YouTube

The identity of the lady was revealed because she left the clothes that she wore when she entered the boutique. Along with it was a boat ticket where her name was written.

Here’s the video of the report from Aksyon TV5:

The boutique’s owner is still keenly filing a charge towards Jobelle Bascug regardless of the girl’s promise that she will pay for all the items that she allegedly stole which costs around P10,000.

Ms. Bascug may have failed to use her charisma this time but who knows, she might be able to do these kind of things flawlessly in the weeks or months to come. That’s why the owner of the boutique wanted to teach her a lesson that she will never forget. It just goes to show that he moment you do something awful or break a rule, no matter how “angelic” your face maybe, you still have a place behind those bars.


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  1. Is this happen in Cebu?

    Is it really true? Will, If a am the owner i will let her pay (shoplifter) to become an attendant without salary for 3 months.

    But you have to respect the owner.

  2. hi pwede ba makig friend sayo friend lang naman e at chaka mag ingat ka palagi sa sarili mo ha wag mong pabayaan ang sarili mo ha

  3. hi miss wag mo nang gawin ang ginawa mo noon hah sayang ang ganda mo pa naman sana mag ka trabaho ka nang sa mabote na paraan wag ka mag padala sa ibang tao dyan ha alam ko hinikita hinohusgahan ha dahil hindi ako perpecto na tao ang akin lang wag mo nang gawin yon ha sige mag ingat ka lang palagi sa mga lakad mo ha…….:)

    • mura sd kag korek jonathan oy.. nya kung bati pag nawng.. sibli kana jpon imong reply.. pustaan pa dli n.ana imo comment kung bati panag nawng..



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