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‘Sahaya’ star Bianca Umali to pursue College despite her busy schedule

‘Sahaya’ star Bianca Umali to pursue College despite her busy schedule


Being a star of a television show is without a doubt tiring and schedules can get crazy at times. However, this does not stop ‘Sahaya’ star Bianca Umali from pursuing a college education.

The Umali just graduated from senior high-school and got her diploma from Veritas Catholic School in Paranáque City in March.

“Magpapatuloy ako ng college and I will pursue a degree.”

It seemed that the young star is determined to finish college despite her busy schedule.

She is still not certain of what school she will be enrolling in but there is no question that she will pursue a degree. To her, education is still important even though she gets paid handsomely for acting.

“Wala pang sure na school at wala pa rin certain course, pero tuloy-tuloy ‘yun.”

Bianca pointed that everything they do on the set is hard but is worth it because of the support they get from the fans.

“Lahat ng bagay sa Sahaya, kung paano gawin walang madali talaga. But then again, dahil sa suporta at sa pagmamahal ng mga tao sa amin nagiging worth it at nagpe-pay off ‘yung mga ginagawa namin.”

The cast also agreed and said that things are more difficult on the set because of the heat. Not only that, the capturing of scenes is hard because the entire theme is set on water. The cameras are positioned on the boat or the in the water.

“I’ve never done this before kasi ‘yung set namin nasa tubig. The angles are not as easy to capture because hindi naman kwadrado lahat at hindi siya isang kwarto. And the cameras have to be mounted on the water or on a boat,” shared Mylene Dizon, one of the cast members.

“Lahat ng ipinapakita ko, lahat ng efforts ko, lahat galing sa puso. Which is, ngayon ko lang na masasabi kong ginawa para sa isang role,”  Umali added.

‘Sahaya’ has positive receptions from critics and fans alike. Watch ‘Sahaya’ every 8:20 pm on the GMA Network.

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Jobs Of Pinoy Celebrities Before They Became Famous

Jobs Of Pinoy Celebrities Before They Became Famous


Everyone has to start from humble beginnings, right?

If you are thinking that the famous celebrities you see on your tv screens start off glamorously, you might be thinking wrong. It may be true that they are living in glitz and glamor now, but that doesn’t mean it’s synonymous to how they were before. Many of the beautiful faces we see in the limelight did not grow up with a silver spoon in their mouth. Most of them strived really hard to find their way to success and stardom.

We listed 10 celebrities who had odd regular jobs before they became famous (note: some might shock you!)

1. Coco Martin, Janitor

Who would believe that this former indie heartthrob was employed as a janitor in Alberta, Canada? Coco Martin was an OFW, working in a bingo parlor before he slams TV Ratings for FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

In an interview, he admitted that his worst nightmare is cleaning toilet stalls saying, “You’re just simply at a loss on how to do it because of all the shit. I also didn’t know what to do with the sanitary pads.”

2. Piolo Pascual, Emergency Room Representative

After graduating a degree in Physical Therapy, he worked at the admissions desk in an emergency room at a Los Angeles hospital. Despite entering showbiz early by guesting in That’s Entertainment, he chose to practice his degree by getting employed in the hospital where his mother used to work.

3. Ai-Ai De Las Alas, Saleslady

Before reaching the comfortable life she’s living right now, the Comedy Concert Queen experienced hardships in life first. She worked as a saleslady in a department store in mid-’80s before hitting comedy bars as a regular comedienne.

4.  Richard Gomez, McDonald’s Service Crew

Still grateful to those college girls who paved the way to his fame, Richard Gomez was once a service crew at McDonald’s. Due to his natural charisma and popularity, he landed filming top-rated movies with Dawn Zulueta.

5. Nora Aunor, Peanut Vendor

Before getting dubbed as the Philippines ‘Superstar‘ and before bagging countless acting awards, the iconic Nora Aunor is a former peanut vendor in a train station.

6. Willie Revillame, Bodyguard

Being the face of ’00s-era noontime shows, no one would have expected that Kuya Wil was once a hawi-boy/bodyguard of his friend, Randy Santiago. He became a personal assistant whose job is to serve as human barricades in concerts and events. Then, after getting sidekick roles to his comedian friends, he finally earned a slot in the spotlight.

7. Jericho Rosales, Fish Vendor

Hard work truly pays off. Scanning through his acting background, you can tell that Jericho’s career started early. But before showbiz, it’s never easy for him and his family. He once worked as a fish vendor before getting scouted while fixing tables at Greenwich.

8. Solenn Heusaff, Makeup Artist

Completing the elite group of “It Girls”, Solenn used to take roles behind the cameras–as a makeup artist. Nope, if you’re thinking it’s unglamorous for her, you’re wrong. She has an impressive degree in fashion and beauty, graduating at the Studio Berçot and Make Up Forever Academy in Paris.

9. Dingdong Dantes, Back-up Dancer

Before taking showbiz by storm, Dong worked as a regular back-up dancer on Eat Bulaga and That’s Entertainment.

Lastly, his lovely wife…

10. Marian Rivera, SPED Teacher

Upon graduating with a degree in Psychology from De La Salle University-Dasmarinas, she worked as a special education teacher. Even before giving birth to Maria Letiza, she was employed as a staff at the National Institute of Mental Health where she gives out medicine and evaluates patients.

See? Your idols have experienced hardships in life, too, and they’re still undergoing some. Inspiration? Yes, of course!

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Pinoy Celebrities and their cartoon lookalikes, Version 2.0

Pinoy Celebrities and their cartoon lookalikes, Version 2.0


It’s not the first time The Dailypedia featured celebrities and their cartoon character lookalikes.

Are you ready for another round?

1.) Ruby Rodriguez and Meg Griffin

Photo from: Powerhouse episode (screengrab)/

Ruby Rodriguez is a Filipino actress and host of the longest running variety show Eat Bulaga. Meg Griffin is the tritagonist of the Family Guy franchise.

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Check Out Some of the Well Known Filipino Celebrities’ Luxury Cars

Check Out Some of the Well Known Filipino Celebrities’ Luxury Cars


Filipino celebrities who have found great fortune in their careers never thought of shying a way from displaying how lavishing their assets have become. From spacious mansions, humungous bank accounts, and awe-inspiring collections to astonishing garage full of luxury cars. They got it all. I would love to spend a day living the life of a rich and famous Filipino Celebrity. Only if I won’t be able to be granted my personal wish of living an extravagant Hollywood celebrity’s life of course.

Let us check out some of the most affluent and illustrious Filipino celebrities’ luxury cars. Prepare to have a jaw dropping tour in this gallery!

The Filipino Boxing pride, Congressman Manny Pacquiao deserves to have  these set of cars after grueling and painstaking fights inside the boxing ring. Million dollar fight purses keep on increasing fight after fight. Just recently, the eight-division World Boxing Champion purchased a brand new Ferrari 458 Italia worth $225 thousand dollars. He also owns a Lincoln Navigator, Porsche Cayenne, Escalade and Mercedes Benz and other well know SUVs and automobiles.

Ferrari 458 Italia
Lincoln Navigator
Porsche Cayenne

Check out Aljur Abrenica’s newly bought Dodge Challenger SRT8! Aljur saw something in this car which made him eager to buy it although he claimed that he isn’t really a big fan of cars.

aljur car
Dodge Challenger SRT8

This Ford E-150 is owned by actor Jay Manalo. It also got it’s interior customized by according to the actor’s request.

Ford E-150

Actor/Comedian/Host Willie Revillame really is one of  the richest Filipino Celebrities today. Not only did he own a yacht worth millions of cash, he also got a number of luxury cars to boot which will further make him look “pogi” in most of  the girls’ eyes. No pun intended, I just feel like he has this appeal which can make every girls go mad, not to mention his ridiculously large bank account.

Revillame's cars
Revillame’s cars

Comedian and TV host Arnel Ignacio might not be visible in today’s entertainment industry and might not have as much TV projects as he used to have but he is still without a doubt freakin’ rich! Just  take a look at these cars, this will make you wonder how did he manage to avail them? He most probably have different business or a prosperous work outside of the Philippine entertainment industry.

Ferrari and Porsche
Ferrari and Porsche
911 Carrera convertible
911 Carrera convertible

Of course, the “first lady to own a HUMMER”– Angel Locsin. This is the H2 Hummer which Angel bought last 2006. She’s got other cars as well. It wouldn’t be hard to understand how well she can easily afford to own such expensive cars because of many TV and movie projects that she is having up till now.

Ford E450 'Rolling House'
Ford E450 ‘Rolling House’
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle (Auctioned for a cause)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Toni Gonzaga’s BMW, Lincoln Continental Mark 111, and a Town & Country. She have been in different blockbuster movies from time to time which made her that rich. Some even say that she is now richer than her co-Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin.

Lincoln Continental Mark 111
Town and Country Van

There are still lots of luxury cars owned by Filipino celebrities out there. Too many to mention that I just decided to wipe my lips to stop me from drooling over their wheels and stayed away from browsing  their pricy cars. Does anyone of you dream to drive cars like these someday ? Well I do, and I will try my best to own some of these soon, just not the “celebrity way”.  I guess I still have t o work double or triple time for me to navigate using this car in  the future!


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