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10 Banned International Celebrities in Certain Countries You Should Know

10 Banned International Celebrities in Certain Countries You Should Know

  • Celebrities have been banned in the Philippines as well as other countries due to conflicts and issues.
  • Here are 10 international stars that are not allowed to enter one country or more.

After the Tony Labrusca incident at the immigration office of Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the Bureau of Immigration has been keeping an eye on celebrities with foreign passports to find out if they actually do have a valid working permit.

One of the most powerful agencies in a country is the immigration office as they can deport or even ban someone, a foreigner coming into one country.

Foreigners working in the Philippines are not the only ones at risk as there have been cases of international celebrities prohibited on entering a specific place.

Here is a list of celebrities who were banned in certain places.

The Beatles

“We were the first working-class singers that stayed working-class and pronounced it and didn’t try and change our…

Posted by The Beatles on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The legendary band have been banned to enter the country in 1966. It was said to be the result of them declining then first lady Imelda Marcos at the Malacañang.

Alec Baldwin

Posted by The Alec Baldwin Show on Sunday, October 14, 2018

In 2009, Baldwin was prohibited to enter the country after he has joked about the sex trafficking in the Philippines.

Snoop Dogg

He has been banned in three countries: first, in the United Kingdom after vandalizing one Duty-Free shop in 2006; in Netherlands he was also denied entry since the law enforcement insisted and requested to find a replacement for him because he was already banned in the country; and in Norway when he was caught with 8 grams of Marijuana.

Justin Bieber

Bieber was banned in China after he had posted photos at the Great Wall of China that offended the government. Adding to that, he was also reportedly seen skateboarding recklessly in Beijing.

Lady Gaga

Muslim countries are usually not keen on having this Pop star in their country as they say that she spreads satanic faith. In 2012, Gaga was banned in Indonesia as they claimed that she has a vulgar style and indecent clothes that affect the kids’ sense of morality.


The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party had stated that they were offended by her choreography, resulting to her getting banned from the country in 2007.

Miley Cyrus

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After a photo of Cyrus imitating Asian eyes, the Chinese foreign minister said that she pollutes the minds of children with her American ignorance.

In 2014, she also got banned in Dominican Republic after they stated that she did things that were punishable by the Dominican Law.

Brad Pitt

Pitt has been banned in China for over 15 years because of his movie, Seven Years in Tibet, that was released in 1997.

Paris Hilton

After having two misdemeanor charges in relation to cocaine possession in Las Vegas, Japan has decided to ban the socialite.

Katy Perry

In 2017, Perry got banned in China after supported the Taiwanese independence in 2015 by wearing a sunflower dress in Taipei. It was in line with the Sunflower Student Movement that protested against the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement.

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Foreigner picks up trash in BGC; goes viral

Foreigner picks up trash in BGC; goes viral

  • A Facebook user posted about a foreigner picking up garbage at Bonifacio Global City.
  • He said that he hopes that it will be an eye opener to everyone.

As many would post and campaign against improper garbage disposal, only a few would really do something about it.

One of whom is a foreign girl named Emilie. Her act of kindness went viral on Facebook as a netizen named John Mentel Espina posted how he saw her picking up trash at the streets of Bonifacio Global City.

Posted by John Mendel Espina on Thursday, January 3, 2019

He talked to her and immediately apologized about the mess and thanked her for what she’s doing.

“Agad agad, humingi ako ng tawad at sinabing nahihiya ako dahil sobrang kalat talaga dito sa Pilipinas. Nagpasalamat din ako sa ginagawa niya.”

Emilie just replied, “Well someone has to do and initiative, right?”

Posted by John Mendel Espina on Thursday, January 3, 2019

Espina expressed his surprise and wrote that he wanted to help her but he’s quite in a hurry. He just asked for permission to take a photo of her and post it on Facebook.

The netizen then said a short message to Emilie, apologizing as he was not able to help her.

“Sorry, Emily, I was not able to help you clean. 🙁 I am really ashamed of myself for not really stopping and help you pickup trash. But I promise that I will do my part as a Filipino citizen to throw my trash in the right place.”

He hoped that this will be an eye opener to everyone.

Naglalakad ako sa BGC Forum papuntang SM Aura nang makita ko ang isang foreigner (girl) na namumulot ng mga kalat sa mga…

Posted by John Mendel Espina on Thursday, January 3, 2019

The netizen then learned that Emilie is from Hordaland in Norway and is currently based on Copenhagen, Denmark.

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10 Most Beautiful Traditional Dresses from Around the World

10 Most Beautiful Traditional Dresses from Around the World


Traditional clothing embodies a country’s culture and represents the sensibilities of ancestors long gone.

These clothes are now used for various occasions like praying or dancing in ceremonies to give honor to age-old beliefs. The Dailypedia lists 10 of the most unique traditional clothing around the world.

best in national costume

10. Thailand

Photo Credit: Flicker
Photo Credit: Flicker

The formal traditional dress used in Thailand are known as Thai. This is worn by men, women, and children of all ages. Thai as “chut thai phra ratcha niyom” means as a formal royal costume worn during occasions. There are also other traditional dresses like “Pha nung” a rectangular cloth draped over the lower portion of the body and the “Chong Kraben” a wraparound cloth worn also by women in Thailand.

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