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Sarah Geronimo and Anne Curtis were shocked at the number of children their partners wanted to have

Sarah Geronimo and Anne Curtis were shocked at the number of children their partners wanted to have

  • And they laughingly answered, 16 for Matteo Guidicelli and 24 for Erwan Heussaff as the number of children they wanted to have
  • Sarah Geronimo and Anne Curtis made shocked and funny facial reactions that were caught by the camera
  • There were a lot of netizens who loved and enjoyed their reactions

An Instagram video posted by one of their mutual friends was uploaded on March 4, where the funny reactions of Sarah Geronimo and Anne Curtis upon knowing the number of children their partners wanted, was captured on cam.

In the video, when the friend of Matteo Guidicelli and Erwan Huessaff asked how many children they wanted, they laughingly answered 16 for Matteo and 24 for Erwan. As both actresses were informed of their partner’s answer, Sarah and Anne made shocked and funny facial reactions that were caught by the camera.

Last November, Erwan and Anne went to South Africa to have their honeymoon as they celebrated their anniversary as husband and wife.
However, with Sarah and Matteo being more than five years in a relationship, there was news that they are already engaged though there were still no confirmation from either party.

The video went viral, having 115,450 views. There were lots of netizens who loved and enjoyed their reactions and positively reacted on the said video.

iamfangirl15: “Bwahahahaha!!! Ung reaction ni bebe when she heard Matt wants 16 children! 😄😄😄😄😄😄 myheartbeatisyours 😂😂😂 ang cute ng reaction ni idol…”

tetayazana: “Hahaha kulit 16 Matteo then erwan 24 hahaha #bestHusband#bestFutureHusband.”

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5 Controversial Celebrity Brawls in Philippine Scene

5 Controversial Celebrity Brawls in Philippine Scene

  • A few of notable fights that were talked about through the years
  • Well known celebrity squabbles that hit the headlines or have trended

As much as people look up to celebrities and treat them as gods, they are still normal people–they are susceptible to giving in and forgetting about their celebrity demeanors and engage in fights, too. After all, they are still humans.

It means they still get extremely happy and extremely upset. There are  times wherein they get annoyed toward other artists and colleagues in the industry they are in.

Here are some of the most controversial celebrity fights that happened in the past:

1. Gilas Pilipinas

Let’s start with the most recent. On July 2, the Gilas competed on the FIBA World Cup Asia qualifier held at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan. But in the midst of the competition, the two teams got into a brawl; involving quite a number of Gilas players. The incident went viral as it reached the international sports industry and was broadcasted via news programs worldwide.

2. Jeron Teng

Basketball player Jeron Teng and two of his former La Salle teammates, Thomas Torres and Norbert Torres were attacked and stabbed after getting involved with in a brawl. It ended up with the players sustaining multiple stab wounds from what revealed to be a ring knife. The 24-year-old  basketball player was required to undergo immediate medical procedure at St. Luke’s Medical City in Taguig due to excessive bleeding.

Thomas, however, was stabbed in his arms and got treated for torn triceps and Norbert, also got slashed in the arm and underwent 11 stitches.

Jeron is currently resting at home but his basketball comeback is still uncertain.

3. Albie Casiño

Actor Albie Casiño was allegedly attacked by friends of former girlfriend Andi Eigenmann at the Famma bar in Makati in May 2013. Albie’s mom also identified the said attackers were Frank Magalona, Carlos Concepcion, Jeck-Jeck Lacson and Neil Arce. The actress has denied involvement in the attack but did admit that she threw wine on Albie’s face.

4. Matteo Guidicelli and Coco Martin

It can be remembered that actors Matteo Gudicelli and Coco Martin had a fight during the Star Magic Ball in September 2011. It was also said that actress Maja Salvador was the cause of the fight as she was in a relationship with Matteo that time and Coco was her partner in a series called Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin.

Matteo then apologized to Coco saying that it was just a “big big misunderstanding”.

5. Borgy Manotoc

In April 2007, Fernando Martin “Borgy” Manotoc, the son of Ilocos Norte governor Imee Marcos, got involved in a brawl in the Embassy bar in Taguig City with son of Social Welfare Secretary Mita Pardo de Tavera, Carlo Pardo de Tavera. Carlo was said to be unconscious after the fight and was immediately brought to the Makati Medical Center.

He was also reported to be involved with a fight with singer Jay-R at the Embassy Bar in Taguig in July 2006 after the singer talked to his then girlfriend, Ornusa Cadness.

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Kylie Verzosa and Matteo Guidicelli Add Color To Your Latest Summer Drink!

Kylie Verzosa and Matteo Guidicelli Add Color To Your Latest Summer Drink!



Wilkins Philippines, under the Coca-Cola Company, launches their latest addition to their ever-growing water portfolio, Wilkins Delight. Choosing the face of their new brand is never easy, because the all-new Wilkins Delight requires a fun-filled persona. Someone who can represent millennials. After deliberating, they came up with the combination that could work for their brand.

The Face of Wilkins Delight

The Face of Wilkins Delight
Kylie Verzosa and Matteo Guidicelli partners up for the new Wilkins Delight!

Who would have thought that the ever-beautiful Miss International 2016 and one of the most sought-after car racers in the country would make such a good combination?

Kylie Verzosa and Matteo Guidicelli teams up as the new faces of Wilkins Delight.

The Face of Wilkins Delight
Water keeps Kylie hydrated, and it is a secret for great skin complexion!

“As someone who’s from the beauty pageant industry, I need to take good care of my health and my complexion by drinking safe and pure drinking water. With Wilkins Delight, drinking water gets even more fun as it helps rejuvenate me — keeping my skin healthy. The good thing about Wilkins Delight is that it comes in three exciting fruit flavors. All three variants of Wilkins Delight are delicious, although my personal favorite is the apple flavored one. There’s definitely one for everyone!” the Philippine’s very own Kylie Verzosa said.

Matteo also shared the importance of water to him in his everyday routine, and most especially, with his busy schedule as an artist and sports enthusiast.

The Face of Wilkins Delight
Drinking water helps Matteo to stay fit and healthy.

“As an actor, singer and triathlete, water is always a must for me to help me stay focused, refreshed and energized. Wilkins has always been my no. 1 go to water for hydration. Now, drinking water doesn’t have to be boring because of Wilkins Delight! With the benefits of safe and pure drinking water of Wilkins (Pure) combined with the infused flavor from real fruits, my daily water routine just got more colorful with Wilkins Delight!” Matteo saying water is an important part of his daily routine.

TVC soon on your screens!

As Wilkins names their new set of powerful ambassadors, they also revealed the official TVC for Wilkins Delight that will air very, very soon on national TV.

Here’s a glimpse of what your new summer drink would look like.

The Face of Wilkins Delight The Face of Wilkins Delight The Face of Wilkins Delight

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Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flowers and Their Pinoy Counterparts?

Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flowers and Their Pinoy Counterparts?


What a great nostalgic feeling I’m having right now! I can still remember the days when I rush home just to tune in to this pretty addicting TV show which became part of my refined childhood memories. And now it is being shown again nationwide. I am to a certain extent convinced that this will once again give its audience, most of which belong to the teenage category, a bamboozling and remarkable feeling of infatuation, excitement and curiosity. Yes, I am talking about Taiwan’s “Meteor Garden”.

meteor garden

While the “Meteor Garden Fever” still exists up to this day which is something that I can’t argue about since I can see posts and comments about how eager people are looking forward to this show, let us not forget that Meteor Garden once had its rival shows produced by other countries like Korea and Japan namely, Boys Over Flowers/ Boys Before Flowers and Hana Yori Dango in that order. You can also find China’s version of the show but I am only going to mention the top three versions that I know. All of these were deemed as an adaptation of a Japanese shoujo manga called Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) printed and demonstrated by Yoko Kamio. His work of art set the record for the bestselling shoujo Manga in Japan of all time which really deserved to be portrayed in front of the big screen.


Basically, these three adaptations follow the original Manga’s plot of flow of the story in which it revolved around Eitoku Academy, a school where the country’s most influential and powerful people’s children were being sent. Only a selected few or should I say the cream of the crop were allowed to be in that academy. It just so happened that the central character, Tsukushi Makino – a diligent and charming girl who came from a poor family. Unfortunately,  she came across with the academy’s elite group called F4 ( short for “Flower Four”) I just found its meaning as kind of inappropriate though since I’m expecting something like “Fearless Four” , “Furious Four” or “Freakish Four” LOL.

She was bullied, discriminated and insulted by the F4, by the way aside from its members being overly rich and prominent individuals, their handsome and elegant looks are something which can’t be denied and they were the apple of the eyes of all the girls inside the academy. Then add a bunch of drama and love story twists, and we’re going to have a wonderful TV series which will definitely captivate its audience of all ages. However, some of the details were modified according to each show’s production and management’s choices.

Now let’s take a look at each show’s main characters and decide which among them are the most suitable ones to portray the famous Manga, Hana Yori Dango’s characters.           ( Although the manga was made in Japan, we should still not be biased and not immediately lean towards Japan’s own adaptation though ) Peace!

Jerry Yan – Dao Ming Si


 Matsumoto Jun – Domoyouji

matsumoto jun

 Lee Min Ho – Gu Jun Pyo 


Barbie Xu – Shan Cai


 Inoue Mao – Makino Tsukushi


 Goo Hye Sun – Jan Di 

jan di

Vic Zhou – Hua Ze Lei


 Oguri Shun – Hanazawa Rui


 Kim Hyun Joong – Yun Ji Hoo 


Ken Zhu


Matsuda Shota


Kim Bum

kim bum

Vanness Wu


Abe Tsuyoshi

abe tsuyoshi

Kim Joon


I will not be going over the details of these actors’ performance and how well they portrayed the characters that were assigned to them since you probably already knew if they did well and if they went above or below your standards considering the fact that most of you guys have unquestionably watch these three series before if you are a self anointed avid fan.

The best thing that I can do is to give you a short clip which contains all of these characters and it’s up for you to decide who to pick among them.


My question is, if you will be given a chance to make a “Dream Team” or a fantasy cast of characters to portray the Hana Yori Dango manga wherein you are only allowed to choose between the actors above, who would you choose? Mine will be ( Lee Min Ho, Inoue Mao, Vic Zhou, Kim Bum and Vanness Wu )

Pinoy Adaptation of Hana Yori Dango 

All I can say is “Why not?” Since there have been many adaptations being made by other countries which became major TV hits, why don’t we make our own version of it? Who knows, we might even break the popularity that these three TV shows have attained before. But first, we have to figure out who will be the possible actors which will star in our very own Filipino version. There have been a lot of attempts to finally make a Pinoy version of the series. It was even said to have already been finalized way back 2011 and it was supposed to be called “Brat Boys Beyond” (awful name…ugh!) starring Sarah Geronimo and other quite unknown starlets. Good thing it didn’t push through and ABS-CBN managed to get away with having the guts to face embarrassment because I am pretty sure that I will surely flop.

Now another hot topic resurfaces as this cute and amazing Pinoy version of the viral craze will be composed of Coco martin,Matteo guidicelli,Daniel padilla,Enchong dee and Sarah Geronimo. Do you think this will work out? If not, then who do you think suits each characters more? Feel free to suggest. =)



I love Hana Yori Dango,

Sharon, Meteor Garden/ Hana yori Dango/ Boys Over Flowers,

Charmedlass, Meteor Garden vs. Hana Yori Dango vs. Boys Over Flowers,

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