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Ex-Battalion rapper Jon Gutierrez speaks up about his controversy with Jelai Andres, Toni Fowler

Ex-Battalion rapper Jon Gutierrez speaks up about his controversy with Jelai Andres, Toni Fowler

  • Jon Gutierrez’s wife revealed her husband’s alleged betrayal on social media
  • Toni Fowler was the one who lured herself unto him as some pieces of evidence were uncovered
  • He also clarified that he is not the only one to blame about the issue

Filipino rapper Jon Gutierrez had released a video breaking his silence about his issue with Toni Fowler.

The celebrity couple Jon Gutierrez and Jelai Andres are currently facing some challenges in their married life, after Jon’s wife revealed her husband’s alleged betrayal on social media.

Based on the Facebook live post of Jelai Andres, she said that her husband was seeing another woman named Toni Fowler. Because of the video she saw, Jon admitted that her wife wouldn’t want to talk to him.

The rapper finally broke his silence about the controversy by airing his side on social media. He is now having a hard time to appease his wife because he is currently in the United Kingdom, not to evade the issue but in processing his passport.

Gutierrez pointed out Toni Fowler’s accusations against him. He explained that he did not take advantage of her. Instead, he even helped her when she passed out.

Gutierrez clarified that he is not the only one to blame about the issue, with his evidence proving that Toni was the one who lured herself unto him.

Posted by Jon Gutierrez on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Oo yes, nagkamali ako, ang dami kong kasalanan. Di ko nililinis yun. Pero dalawa tayo dito…

Hindi ko kaya yun mag-isa. Kaya nga naging issue kasi dalawa tayo dito,” he added.

Gutierrez didn’t deny his mistakes to his wife, as he plans to talk and ask forgiveness when he returns to the Philippines.

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‘Extra-marital affair’ shakes #TeamJolai for the 2nd time, parties involved spoke up to air their sides

‘Extra-marital affair’ shakes #TeamJolai for the 2nd time, parties involved spoke up to air their sides

  • Jelai Andres shared cryptic posts online that allude to her husband’s infidelity
  • Andres named Toni Fowler as the ‘third-party’ in her marriage with Jon Gutierrez and divulged their secret on Facebook live
  • Toni Fowler clarified her stance as a victim as Gutierrez lied about his relationship with Andres, declares she did not know she’ll be meeting Gutierrez when she wanted to borrow money from Ex-B co-member

Famous Facebook couple Jelai Andres and Jon Gutierrez’s marriage is currently on the rocks, due to the latter’s cheating controversy, and netizens bear witness to the alleged ‘third-party’ angle via Andres’ cryptic posts that allude to her husband’s infidelity.

In a series of posts by Andres, she insinuates to the public that she is troubled and sad these days: “Once a cheater, always a repeater.”

In a Facebook live feed that followed, Andres called out Toni Fowler, an R Breezy girl and Internet-famous personality, as the third party in the extra-marital scenario.

The former FHM model admitted that she and her husband, a member of Ex-Battalion, are not presently okay, ever since news broke out that Fowler and Gutierrez had been meeting secretly.

Andres clarified that she was only standing up for herself and was not defending her husband’s actions.

It seemed to be a case of déjà vu, as the same story of cheating circulated on social media two years ago when #TeamJolai have not tied the knot. Andres and Fowler exchanged heated quips online, with the latter revealing Gutierrez was secretly texting her. But then the narrative turned bloody when the R Breezy babe, who was heavily bashed by netizens for breaking up the couple, posted pictures of her ‘committing suicide.’

Andres pointed out in her video that Fowler seduced her then boyfriend Gutierrez back in 2016, with a steamy video Fowler allegedly sent to Gutierrez.

She was not convinced that Fowler had no idea that she and Gutierrez were together then. Andres also addressed the issue thrown at her that she hurt Gutierrez.

Toni Fowler, on the other hand, aired her side of the story amidst online backlash, after being dragged to the #TeamJolai issue. She clarified that Gutierrez fooled her and made her believe that he was already separated with then girlfriend Andres in 2016.

According to her, she kept silent because the rapper made her promise not to reveal their relationship.


Posted by Toni Fowler on Saturday, March 23, 2019

Gutierrez also allegedly disclosed to Fowler that he stayed with Andres just for their endorsements and commitments. Fowler also called out songwriter and rapper Makagago and denied his claims that something intimate happened between her and Gutierrez just last month.

She explained that she borrowed money from Gutierrez’s Ex-B co-member but was shocked to learn that she was meeting up with Gutierrez. She also remarked that everything she said on Facebook live has proof and she will be revealing screenshots of her conversations with Gutierrez at a later time.

In related development, Makagago revealed Gutierrez’s alleged affair with different women, which according to him were supported with evidences.

It was reminiscent of a Facebook post that one netizen collated, showing Gutierrez talking to several women online.

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Couple reenacts ‘Galawang Hokage’ while on a boat

Couple reenacts ‘Galawang Hokage’ while on a boat


A lot of malicious acts have been happening recently, which usually occur in public places. Some are lucky to get away with it, but there are also a lot of violators who ran out of luck.

Such instances make a lot of women fearful of their surroundings as these maniacs don’t seem to care whichever place they choose to do malicious acts.

To remind the women population to be wary when things like that happen, a Facebook user named Jelai Andres, made a video of the passenger behind her who kept making physical contact with her even when the speedboat isn’t actually shaky.

Andres even looked at the man, who was making it appear as if he isn’t doing anything.

But before the netizens could react negatively, she told everyone that the video is just a parody of the real thing and that the man is her boyfriend.

She said that she simply want to make the netizens laugh, but encourage them to be alert at all times as incidents like this happen in real life to different women.

Facebook users who had seen the video plainly laughed along with Andres, but they had also seen the point of the clip.

Andres’ video might be funny, but it is informative also at some point. When maniac passengers attempt to do malicious gestures, women shouldn’t be afraid to step up or shout to get everybody else’s attention to scare the violator and make sure that he’ll never do it again even in his next life.

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