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Widow wants to meet Lea Salonga but is unsuccessful, Lea gives her a special invite

Widow wants to meet Lea Salonga but is unsuccessful, Lea gives her a special invite


Lea Salonga once again proves she has a heart of gold.

Romeo Salazar went on Facebook and shared how the singer was so generous to his friend.

One of Salazar’s friends from London messaged him, talking about how she wanted to cheer up her friend who recently lost her husband to cancer back in February.

The widow and her late husband were big fans of Salonga. Salazar’s friend was planning on having her widow friend meet up with her idol but it didn’t happen since the meet and greet was fully booked.

“They are both huge fans of Lea Salonga, so she is treating her tonight to Lea’s concert in York. She wanted to surprise her friend with a scheduled short meet and greet with Lea after, but unfortunately, could not secure a spot anymore as it was fully booked.”

Salazar then proceeded to try and fulfill his friend’s wish and sent the singer a message.

“I told my friend am not promising anything as i know how busy or stressful thing like this for Lea is, but i will give it a shot and ask her.”

To Salazar’s surprise, the singer replied and told him to tell a friend to arrange everything and put both his friend and the widow on the guest list.

“Within minutes of messaging her, Lea came back to me and instructed me to tell my friend Wendy Pearse that she will arrange it and will put her and her friend’s names on the guest list.

“Now you know why Lea Salonga is much loved and a genuine role model for many in our business. Maraming salamat ulit Lea!” he concluded.

Along with all the awards she won throughout her career, Lea Salonga was the first Filipino to win a Tony Award and the first Filipino to be signed to Atlantic Records.

Salonga will be coming back to television as a coach for the fourth season of The Voice Kids.

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Doris Bigornia slammed for alleged misbehavior during The Script concert

Doris Bigornia slammed for alleged misbehavior during The Script concert


Broadcast Journalist Doris Bigornia is under scrutiny of netizens not for her news reports, but for her alleged antics.

Bigornia reportedly behaved badly at the concert of Irish pop-rock group The Script at the Mall of Asia Arena on Friday.

A lengthy emotional rant was posted by a concert-goer Richard Lim on Sunday about his encounter with the TV Patrol reporter. Lim’s post, which he titled “The Dark Side of Doris Bigornia“, details how Bigornia and her daughter Nikki rushed to center stage, which triggered other fans to stand up as well and block his family’s view.

He recounts that the TV personality and the younger Bigornia did not mind hindering their sight by standing up in front causing others to follow them, “the concert was a seated concert but to my surprise when the artists came out, Doris Bigornia and her daughter Nikki Bigornia run [sic] straight in front covering our view which initiated the others to rush forward too (since she is a “celebrity” they assumed it was ok). The event bouncers instructed them to go back to their seats explaining to them that it was a seated concert but instead of seating down, she shove [sic] off the bouncers.”

doris 2
Doris Bigornia (left) smiles watching her daughter Nikki, who cannot contain her happiness while hugging The Script vocalist Danny O’Donaghue, during a meet-and-greet before the band’s concert at the Mall of Asia Arena on Friday. Photo from: Magic Liwanag

“Chaos started with people running in front hitting me and my son. My food and drinks spilled all over the place, being stepped on, bumped and to the point that they were already pushing me and my son out of our seats. Bouncers were able to control the crowd by pushing them back but Doris and her daughter and a few people beside her resisted to leave,” he continued.

Lim could not hold back his temper anymore so he went straight to Bigornia and said, “mam, favor lang I’m seated right behind you and you are blocking my view.

“She didn’t even reply but instead looked over to the other side. My son was already hyper ventilating because it was starting to get crowded again.

“Bouncers have been trying hard to push back the crowd yet they strived hard to remain standing. Younger Bigornia even said, ‘paalisin nyo muna lahat bago kami umalis dito.'”

Lim spoke to Bigornia for the second time and said, “mam favor lang nahihilo na ang anak ko baka pwede naman tumabi na kayo para gumaya yung iba” and the news reporter replied, “Wala akong paki kahit mamatay ka dyan,” according to Lim.

Lim said he was shocked when he heard those words from a TV personality who has cultivated a “pang-masa”personality. “I was not expecting that kind of an answer from a so called media personality who runs a show titled “MUTYA NG MASA”. I wanted to keep my cool, so I replied and said “ganyan ba kayong mga taga media, sa TV lang matino, sa totoong buhay eh wala palang pakialam.” I was shouting because it was noisy and telling her that as a celebrity she should be the one showing good example, but to my dismay she just didn’t react. As if we were not there.”

Confrontation After The Script Concert

[blockquote author=””]”After the show, people went back to their seats and so did Doris and company. On our way out, we passed in front of them, his son [sic] was looking at me with a grin so I confronted them and ask the son, Lorenzo Sungalon, if he had any problem with me and he said why did I keep on looking at them. Doris said “yan ang hirap sa inyo eh, porque media ako iniipit nyo ako tapos youtube nyo agad” you are doing in purpose so that people will take a video of it and post it in youtube I replied by saying “ yun ang problema, media personality ka tapos ikaw pa ang nag pasimuno ng pag harang sa harap kaya tuloy nagayahan lahat. The daughter started shouting and cursing me and I responded by saying “ I’m not talking to you so please shut up”, then her son pushed me and said “fuck off and don’t ever tell my sister to shut up”. I told him “don’t touch me again, you don’t know me and you don’t know what I’m capable of”. He told me again to “fuck off.”[/blockquote]

After what he considered a pointless argument, he met a girl who overheard and saw the commotion, and even told him she’s planning to share it to the public so to warn media personalities not to act rude at public events.

Lim ended his note by urging fellow concertgoers who took a video about his confrontation with Bigornia to post it online.

[blockquote author=””]”After that futile argument, I didn’t see the point of continuing the conversation because she wasn’t apologetic for what she did, the son was telling me to fuck off and the daughter was cursing me in front of thousands of people still inside the Arena as if I was at fault. I just hope that this will never happen to you and your loved ones wherein these people will take advantage of their position or name. I hope this reaches the management of ABS-CBN because this is conduct unbecoming of a media personality. For those who were able to witness this incident and have a video of it, (I’m sure 1 or 2 have this because everybody was taking videos during the concert) to please post it.”[/blockquote]

He has one thing to say for the field reporter, “Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you”.

Being a broadcaster, it is a responsibility to maintain credibility as “watchdog of the society” and not to get involved in any form of scandal. To say “wala akong paki kahit mamatay ka dyan” to someone’s child is very unbecoming of a supposedly respected member of media.

On the other hand, the son should not have been brought to the concert by his parents if they knew he might feel uncomfortable in crowd. But this is another matter.

The Dailypedia requested a statement from Bigornia,who is set to give her explanation about the issue as she is waiting for the go signal from the management.

An apology might lessen the impact, but it would be late at this point. Once said, it cannot be undone.

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Vice Ganda is All Set at the Big Dome For His 15 Years in Showbiz

Vice Ganda is All Set at the Big Dome For His 15 Years in Showbiz


Famous TV host, comedian ad recording star Vice Ganda is celebrating his 15 years in entertainment industry, and this year’s par of celebration is to have his comeback concert at the Araneta Coliseum on May 22.

The upcoming major concert dubbed as ‘Vice Gandang Ganda sa Sarili Edi Wow sa Araneta’ marks the 15th anniversary of the multi-awarded host in the showbiz industry. According to news reports online, the concert will be made to thank all his supporters and fans.

It will be a celebration of my 15 years in the industry and I want to surprise my supporters for all the things that happen to me. I believe my 15 years is such a blessing and challenge to do better. Vice Ganda said.

Hindi ko nagawa ng 2014 ‘yon. So ngayong 2015 ay magbabalik ako sa Araneta, the “It’s Showtime” host said in an interview on Monday after inking a contract with Star Cinema.



Looking back, Vice said that the issue shouldn’t have been blown up like it did. He said, “When the controversy happened, na-enjoy ko na yung concert at yung success ng concert. It (the issue) came out almost three weeks after the concert… Ang maganda dun, di rin naman siya nagtagal. Uminit lang ng ilang araw, tapos nung naganap yung patawaran, naging maligaya ulit lahat. Kung tutuusin, hindi naman dapat lumaki ng ganun ka laki.”

Nevertheless, Vice said he had learned a lot from that episode. “Madaming learnings. First of all, I was able to prove to myself that people are really quick to judge, at ang mga tao talaga ay madaling maniwala sa mga naririnig nila at nababasa nila na hindi nila nabibigyan ng kahit anumang confirmation. But I was also able to prove that people, Filipinos in particular, will forgive with all their heart, especially if they feel the person’s sincerity.”

Meanwhile, Vice, Gandang-Gandang Sa Sarili sa Araneta has been given an R-13 rating, meaning only viewers who are 13 years old and above can be admitted to the concert.

Vice’s last show at the Araneta Coliseum was the highest-earning concert staged by a local artist for 2013, “I-Vice Ganda Mo ‘Ko sa Araneta.” His two previous hit concerts were “The Unkabogable Concert” in 2011 and “May Nag-Text… Yung Totoo: Vice Ganda sa Araneta!” in 2010.

The “Vice Gandang-Ganda Sa Sarili” concert is under the production of Star Events and ABS-CBN Events, stage direction of Paul Basinillo, TV direction of Bobet Vidanes and musical direction of Marvin Querido.

Vice Ganda May 22,2015 Concert Ticket Price:

VVIP – P6965, VIP – P5695, Patron A – P3575, Patron B – P2575, Upperbox A – P1195, Upperbox B – P625, General Admission – P400

The concert is expected to be another blockbuster. For tickets, call the Ticketnet outlets.

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10 Highlights of 1D’s PH Concert: from Fans, Spotted Celebs to Internet Memes

10 Highlights of 1D’s PH Concert: from Fans, Spotted Celebs to Internet Memes


The much-awaited 2-day One Direction concert has finally arrived in Manila  last weekend. Fanatics could not get enough breathing air as the British Boy Band performed at the heart of MOA Concert Grounds.

Looking back like million years of waiting, it was announced 300+ days before, that they will rock the crowd following the news about fans lining up in long queues. And for the main event, fans did not end up minding their pees and queues again in entering the event’s place because this time the day has finally come. The motto cries hard “In all four corners, we’ll sing in One Direction tune.”

Packed-like sardines, they haven’t got that idea into their nerves as they literally feel the hang-over presence of the male group that can be seen in their posts. Such a great experience that will last forever.

For the first time in forever, Filipinos have lively heard the best songs ever that completely got them all in delirium state. And.., these  heart-pounding 10 memories are the reasons why we can’t move on.  It can take weeks to get over an illness like that as we round here these things.

 1.) Fans lining up at MOA Concert Grounds


concert 2




Can we just say that the English-Irish boy band not just released a record-breaking album, Midnight Memories but managed to hold full jam-packed sold-out concert? Oh common, these are just sneak peeks of ranging lines.

2.) Even stars sing out loud




Capture here


You think only  teenage dreams come true? Not just it swoons young hearts but overwhelming craze is what some celebrities felt during this once a lifetime biggest music event of the year. Wanna see Juday and Ryan Agoncillo family singing along with the group? Click here.

3.) Liam says, “This is one of the best gigs we’ve done so far!”


We were touched  Liam. We definitely would love to see more of you! Guys and gals are you aware with the #ComeBackSoon1D, plainly that’s what we are talking about here.

4.) Show some love for Zayn Malik


We thought the gig will not be whole and awesomely perfect without Zayn Malik but you know what, even one man turned down for this tour away from excessive stress, ladies got his back. Show em’ some love directioners!

5.) Harry Styles’s  wet look was seen but sweat juices ABS of him was neck turning

abs harry hot

Necking down on his abs? Aha, sorry for the blurred image. Fans were not informed that English pop singer’s sighted ABS edition was part of the concert. Thanks Harry, you look yummy in that wet shirt anyway! What about Liam? Is he your bet too?


6.) Bless Philippines with trending One Direction memes!

harry sampaguita


1D playing


harry loves saging



one scoop

7.) Can’t get over with what you said Harry that catch us off guard

harry said

8.) Fans going gaga over 1D

While directioners extremely enthusiastic and screaming foolishly on the concert ground, claim it! Filipinos will try every possible way to.. Uhm, you be the first to  judge.

naill's breath

pinoy fans rule


kissed harrypalm tree


A flying condom towards Harry. What a ninja move!

condomadopt melong lost

9.) “Ditched My High School Graduation” “Ditched Paris For You”


Have you seen the banner sign which read “Ditched My High School Graduation” “Ditched Paris For You”.  That sign got positive feedback from netizens. Was it all worth it?

10.) And lastly in our list, Liam completely made Pinoy fans experience  a night to remember when he tried on saying Nakakapagpabagabag which means disturbing.

We definitely would love to have you soon completely armed without a minus. Fans out there, what’s your remarkable experience from the concert? Care to share with us!

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EVENT COVERAGE: Julie Anne San Jose in Hologram | 12.13.14

EVENT COVERAGE: Julie Anne San Jose in Hologram | 12.13.14


Asia’s Pop Sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose conquered the SM Mall of Asia Arena on December 13, 2014 for her first Hologram concert.

Julie Anne San Jose is a Filipina singer and actress who is a contract artist of GMA Network. San Jose started her first TV experience upon joining Eat Bulaga’s Little Miss Philippines when she was three years old. She also joined ABS-CBN’s Munting Miss U and won third runner-up. As a child, she appeared in a commercial with Sharon Cuneta but she did not pursue show business until Popstar Kids, a singing competition that she joined in 2005 hosted by R&B singer-songwriter Kyla. Although Julie Anne did not win the grand prize, she became part of Sugarpop, the show’s spin-off children singing group. The group released two studio albums, Sugar Pop and Sugar Pop Repackaged, they also had a show on QTV 11 entitled Planet Q, where a young Julie Anne and her group mates showcased their hosting abilities. Sugarpop also performed weekly in the GMA-7’s variety show, SOP and known as Party Pilipinas.

Julie Anne is one of Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit’s (OPM) active Junior Ambassador. Her job as a junior ambassador is basically to represent and promote Filipino Music to the young generation.

Julie Anne is currently seen regularly as a performer in Sunday All Stars, she also played the lead role in now finished Primetime TV Show Kahit Nasaan Ka Man as Pauline Gomez. Aside from those, she also plays a recurring character named Nikki in GMA-7’s Pepito Manaloto and is also set to release her second solo studio album entitled Deeper on June 1, 2014 via iTunes worldwide and

And now, after a long journey in her career, she marked her own major and first holographic concert.


In her concert dubbed as Hologram, the Asia’s Pop Sweetheart brought the house down with her powerful vocals, electrifying dance moves and undeniable talent in playing various musical instruments simultaneously using the hologram technology. Hologram technology became a fad, and became common to many artists who wanted to give a try, to name is Michael Jackson. And now, Asia’s Pop Sweetheart, Julie Anne San Jose did her first holographic concert.


The concert highlighted an extravagant display of visual effects. The audience yelled for their idol and started to fill n the seats of arena. The fans were excited to see their idol singing and performing her songs and some pop songs along with her star-studded guests namely, Christian Bautista, Sam Concepcion, Jonalyn Viray, Frencheska Farr, Abra and others.

The artists from Red Models and Talents Management from DJ Mark Thompson, where he played a lot of pop music remixes. Followed by a song number from Kenzo Ortiz, a dance from Kyle and Kym Vergara and Girbadj Limpin and a very mind-blowing performance from Kris Angelica where she sang most of Regine Velasquez; song medley. They set a huge excitement for the main event.

After those special opening from Red Models, the voice of Asia’s Pop Sweetheart was heard over the arena as her first hologram appeared singing a mash up of Starships and Superbass, made the crowd excited and fans started to scream.


After her first hologram appearance, Sam Concepcion serenaded the crowd singing his revival hit from Archie D’s Mahal na Mahal, and eventually had a duet with Julie Anne San Jose singing Lost Stars.

1908476_10154925291985414_1657852436887861942_n 10801511_10153012223849236_1148917798546953128_n

A compiled photo of Sam Concepcion’s performance while interacting with the audience.

After serenading the crowd, another guest appeared, the You Tube sensation and known rapper Abra graced the event singing their duet “Dedma” and afterwards sang his hit “Gayuma”.


After the rap hits from Abra, the crowd were excited as Julie Anne appeared an illusions playing different musical instruments to reveal that she was playing the baby grand piano on stage. This was her second hologram appearance singing her own hits like I’ll Be There.


After, another guest appeared to serenade the crowd. Asia’s Premiere Balladeer Christian Bautista started a duet with Julie Anne San Jose with their rendition of A Thousand Years.


Julie Anne changed her costume and made an energetic performance of Beyonce Medley hits like Love On Top, Single Ladies, End of Time and Run the World.


Then after, Jonalyn Viray, Frencheska Farr joined Julie Anne San Jose for their rendition of OPM Classic Medley from Megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta’s hits like Bituing Walang Ningning.


Jonalyn Viray, Julie Anne San Jose and Frencheska Farr singing a classic hits from Sharon Cuneta hit song Bituing Walang Ningning.

Ms. Julie Anne San Jose took time to thank her sponsors and fans who watched the Hologram concert like Ysa Botanica, My Phone, Careline, GMA Artist Center, Tarroza Entertainment Productions, GMA Network INC., Unisilver, Loreal Professional, SM Accessories, David Salon, Acqua Bella Penshoppe and more.

Thanking her sponsors made Julie Anne emotional. She even took time to share how thankful she was for her fans and people who believed in her despite of showbizness intrigues.


She sang the Ysa Botanica commercial jingle and after prepared the crowd for another highlight of her concert.

Julie Anne San Jose made a pending suspense appearance for her fans until she appeared in her third and last hologram of the night. She appeared having an illusion of mirror for herself while singing Dark Horse, Roar and Girl On Fire.


After her rendition of Katy Perry and Alicia Keys medley, she ended the show performing a remixes of some popular songs nowadays. She interacted with her fans as she walked down the stage and afterwards returned to stage barefooted and started to make a bang with confetti and crowd screaming.


As she ended her show.


The concert ended well. Fans enjoyed their idol’s show and to which Julie Anne San Jose made a photo meet and greet with fans to personally thank them.

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VIP Tickets for One Direction sold out in 2 Hours

VIP Tickets for One Direction sold out in 2 Hours



As of 10:04AM Today, VIP Concert Tickets for the band One Direction are Sold Out which was 2 hours since they sold the tickets.


Yesterday, lot of fans are already waiting outside the MOA Arena to buy their tickets
and for the Launch Event that will be held today.

The official ticket prices are :
VIP – 17,950Php
Diamond- 14,800 Php
Titanium- 7,450 Php
Gold – 3,775 Php
Silver – 2,220 Php
General Admission – 1,150 Php

Now a lot of people (including a few celebrities) are still in line for their tickets, and for those who can’t attend the launch event, tickets will be sold at 2PM today on all SM Ticket Outlets Nationwide.

The concert will be held on the MOA Concert Grounds on March 21, 2015 as part of the “One Direction On the Road Again Tour 2015″

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