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10 Highlights of 1D’s PH Concert: from Fans, Spotted Celebs to Internet Memes

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The much-awaited 2-day One Direction concert has finally arrived in Manila  last weekend. Fanatics could not get enough breathing air as the British Boy Band performed at the heart of MOA Concert Grounds.

Looking back like million years of waiting, it was announced 300+ days before, that they will rock the crowd following the news about fans lining up in long queues. And for the main event, fans did not end up minding their pees and queues again in entering the event’s place because this time the day has finally come. The motto cries hard “In all four corners, we’ll sing in One Direction tune.”

Packed-like sardines, they haven’t got that idea into their nerves as they literally feel the hang-over presence of the male group that can be seen in their posts. Such a great experience that will last forever.

For the first time in forever, Filipinos have lively heard the best songs ever that completely got them all in delirium state. And.., these  heart-pounding 10 memories are the reasons why we can’t move on.  It can take weeks to get over an illness like that as we round here these things.

 1.) Fans lining up at MOA Concert Grounds


concert 2




Can we just say that the English-Irish boy band not just released a record-breaking album, Midnight Memories but managed to hold full jam-packed sold-out concert? Oh common, these are just sneak peeks of ranging lines.

2.) Even stars sing out loud




Capture here


You think only  teenage dreams come true? Not just it swoons young hearts but overwhelming craze is what some celebrities felt during this once a lifetime biggest music event of the year. Wanna see Juday and Ryan Agoncillo family singing along with the group? Click here.

3.) Liam says, “This is one of the best gigs we’ve done so far!”


We were touched  Liam. We definitely would love to see more of you! Guys and gals are you aware with the #ComeBackSoon1D, plainly that’s what we are talking about here.

4.) Show some love for Zayn Malik


We thought the gig will not be whole and awesomely perfect without Zayn Malik but you know what, even one man turned down for this tour away from excessive stress, ladies got his back. Show em’ some love directioners!

5.) Harry Styles’s  wet look was seen but sweat juices ABS of him was neck turning

abs harry hot

Necking down on his abs? Aha, sorry for the blurred image. Fans were not informed that English pop singer’s sighted ABS edition was part of the concert. Thanks Harry, you look yummy in that wet shirt anyway! What about Liam? Is he your bet too?


6.) Bless Philippines with trending One Direction memes!

harry sampaguita


1D playing


harry loves saging



one scoop

7.) Can’t get over with what you said Harry that catch us off guard

harry said

8.) Fans going gaga over 1D

While directioners extremely enthusiastic and screaming foolishly on the concert ground, claim it! Filipinos will try every possible way to.. Uhm, you be the first to  judge.

naill's breath

pinoy fans rule


kissed harrypalm tree


A flying condom towards Harry. What a ninja move!

condomadopt melong lost

9.) “Ditched My High School Graduation” “Ditched Paris For You”


Have you seen the banner sign which read “Ditched My High School Graduation” “Ditched Paris For You”.  That sign got positive feedback from netizens. Was it all worth it?

10.) And lastly in our list, Liam completely made Pinoy fans experience  a night to remember when he tried on saying Nakakapagpabagabag which means disturbing.

We definitely would love to have you soon completely armed without a minus. Fans out there, what’s your remarkable experience from the concert? Care to share with us!

Written by dailypedia

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