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Dating a co-worker can lead to marriage

Dating a co-worker can lead to marriage

  • 14% of people who date their co-workers end up getting married to them.
  • Sometimes it is worth the risk

Writer and activist Melanie Curtin explained why dating a co-worker could eventually lead to marriage.

Curtin had her own experience with a co-worker back when she had a summer job on a cruise ship. Her co-worker was flirting with her. Curtin’s boss then talked to her privately to avoid these situations since these can lead to sexual harassment accusations.

“Dating at work is a risk. It’s an emotional risk to you, and it’s also a risk to the company. Yet it happens all the time. Constantly. There’s no way for human beings to work around one another and attraction to not happen.”

CareerBuilder conducted a survey that suggests that 38% of people have dated a co-worker.

One survey even said that 14% of people who date their co-workers end up getting married to them.

Relationships that are developed in a working place that lead to marriage is number one in its category, followed by meeting through a friend, developing from an existing friendship, meeting in college, and meeting online.

There were 2,000 adults as respondents.

“We spend so much time at work that it’s inevitable you will form close friendships that may go on to become a relationship down the line.”

When you are in a relationship with a co-worker, the connection you have with them is strong since you know the aspects of their work, even if you leave the job.

You might not think where you meet can affect how long a relationship lasts, but it seems those who meet through work can expect more longevity than most,” said the spokeperson of the study.

Ann Friedman does not agree with this. In her work “Why a Woman Should Never Date Her Co-workers,” she said, “To a certain extent, dating someone in your field is tethering your professional reputation to theirs, with results that aren’t always positive.”

The reason for the success of co-worker dating is maybe because both people decide that the relationship is worth it.

Bill Gates’ relationship with his wife Melinda started during a Microsoft Press Event and they were seated beside each other.

Michelle was Barack Obama’s mentor at some point during their time at a law firm. Michelle did not really see the former president as relationship material but eventually obliged when he asked her out on a date.

Curtin concluded, “And like other things in life, sometimes the risk is very much worth the reward.”

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Hacker Who Stole from Bill Gates Caught in the Philippines

Hacker Who Stole from Bill Gates Caught in the Philippines


Bulgarian national Konstantin Simeonov Kavrakov was one of the best hackers in the world, stealing thousands of dollars from the bank accounts of even prominent people like Bill Gates, yet the Philippine National Police (PNP) proved to be his downfall.

With a bag already containing cash amounting to over P76,000, a blank credit card, a mobile phone, several credit cards with different names, and 9 PS Bank Quezon Avenue ATM receipts, Kavrakov was caught while trying to withdraw money at a PS Bank ATM machine along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City.

These are, however, just small change compared with the thousands of dollars he stole from people across the world. Called the “King of Hackers”, he was caught with US$90,000 (Php4,014,720) in cash when he was arrested in Paraguay. However, it was not clear why he was able to get out of prison and is now in the Philippines.


Right now, Kavrakov is in the custody of the PNP. He was nabbed by the joint forces of PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) and the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC). The PAOCC is involved in the case as Kavrakov is believed to be working with the “Super Hacker Bulgarian Group” since 2004. This group is believed to be the ones responsible for the spate of ATM skimmings across Metro Manila and neighboring areas.

Also see: Man Discovers Tampered BPI ATM, Posts Find on Facebook to Warn Netizens

It was a good thing Kavrakov has been caught. Let’s just hope the rest of the Super Hacker Bulgarian Group is caught, too. After all, we, ordinary citizens, could easily fall victims to these fraudsters as they were even able to steal from Bill Gates!

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Why Did Bill Gates and Pamela Anderson Visit the Philippines?

Why Did Bill Gates and Pamela Anderson Visit the Philippines?


What is Bill Gates and Pamela Anderson doing in the Philippines? What business do they have with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Los Banos, Laguna? That we don’t know yet, but reports say they were there. Sources say, the Microsoft mogul and billionaire philanthropist, and his foundation’s agricultural director was seen in Los Banos, Laguna. Dr. Pamela Anderson, agricultural development director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has already been visiting the institute and meeting with their officials. Inquirer reports that Bill Gates arrived at the International Rice Research Institute last April 8, 2015 aboard a private helicopter at 8 A.M.

Asked for comments, IRRI spokesman Tony Lambino did not confirm nor deny that Gates really visited the institute. Apparently, his meeting was “confidential”, and according to Rappler, an IRRI employee informed them that social media sites were blocked at the time Bill Gates was in the premises. However, Lambino stated that Anderson has been in the Philippines to get updates on the food and nutrition programs that the foundation is supporting. He also mentioned that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest philantropic donor with an $ 18 million commitment annually.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has long been supporting IRRI for the agricultural development of the Golden Rice. This variety of rice contains beta-carotene which will be converted to Vitamin A in the body. However, the Golden Rice is still under development. The Hellen Keller International (HKI), an international NGO plans to evaluate the efficacy of this rice variety. Once the Golden Rice has been approved by national regulators, it will be made available for human consumption.

It is hoped that Golden Rice will help improve the health of millions of children and adults across the Philippines and Bangladesh.

For more information on the Golden Rice, visit the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Golden Rice official website.

Bill Gates stayed at the International Rice Research Institute in Los Banos, Laguna for a 2-hour confidential meeting Photo Credit: Tech Times
Bill Gates stayed at the International Rice Research Institute in Los Banos, Laguna for a 2-hour confidential meeting
Photo Credit: Tech Times


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The Richest Selfie Up-to-Date

The Richest Selfie Up-to-Date


Days ago, a great mark in the history of selfies has been shot. With the value of their wealth combined at a mark of over $140 billion, this mega rich trio took the richest selfie in the world up-to-date.

This ‘richest selfie’ include the super tycoons Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and his financial mate Charlie Munger. They first appeared together on US network CNBC’s Squawk Box before the historic photo was taken.

An echoing thought says a picture paints a thousand words, and this one is worth a staggering $140 billion.


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