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Majo Lingat faces body shaming after Asoka makeup challenge

As the social media conversation continues, Majo remains grateful for the support and uses her platform to promote body positivity and kindness.

Majo Lingat, better known as ‘You Do Note Girl,’ has become a trending topic on social media following her participation in the popular ‘Asoka’ makeup challenge.

While her transformation impressed many, it was her visible armpit hair in the posted video that drew widespread attention.

The video sparked a wave of body-shaming comments from netizens, particularly about her armpit and its hair.

Despite the negative comments, many supporters rallied around Majo, asserting that having body hair is completely normal, particularly for young women. Supportive comments included how it’s normal to have darker armpit and having hair.

In response to the backlash, Majo took to Facebook to address the issue and advocate against body shaming.

She stated, “Let’s not normalize body shaming. Especially if it’s normal to have hair in our armpits. You just saw something normal about me and all of us.”

She added, “We are all created in God’s image. We are no different from each other. It’s us who think poorly of our fellow humans.”

Majo also emphasized the importance of maintaining empathy and patriotism, particularly among the youth. “The youth are the hope of our nation, the Philippines. Let us learn to maintain humanity and patriotism,” she urged.

Majo Lingat first gained fame in 2019 after her humorous impressions of ‘Kadenang Ginto’ stars Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz went viral. Her popularity led to a guest appearance on Vice Ganda’s show, where her acting challenge with Andrea and Francine delighted the audience.

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