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Rosmar Tan grants Diwata’s dream: New home and P5-M gift package

Tan’s act of kindness serves as a testament to the power of compassion and generosity in uplifting others’ lives.

Businessman and social media personality Rosmar Tan dispelled any notions of exploitation as he generously bestowed Diwata with gifts that fulfilled her long-standing dreams.

Tan clarified that his assistance to Diwata was motivated by genuine compassion, firmly believing in her right to a fulfilling and happy life. He took to Facebook to share the details of his generous offerings, revealing that he had gifted Diwata a brand-new home along with a comprehensive package valued at P5 million.

This package included endorsements, products, and cash from various brands that partnered with him.

Taking personal initiative, Tan visited Diwata’s food stall to personally deliver the gifts, which also included an imported Saint Bernard puppy valued at P300,000, accompanied by a lifetime supply of dog food.

Emphasizing his altruistic intentions, Tan asserted that he refrained from leaving any branding at Diwata’s location, underscoring his desire to avoid exploiting her newfound fame for personal gain. Instead, he expressed gratitude to the brands that collaborated with him to provide Diwata with one-year endorsements, ensuring a stable monthly income for her.

“Hindi po ako nag-iwan sa location ni Diwata ng kahit anong may tatak Rosmar kasi ‘di para gamitin ko siya sa brand ko.

“Busilak ang aking puso sa pagtulong at ‘di para gamitin siya. Bagkus, ibang mga brand ang binida ko na mga tumulong sa akin para mabigyan ng 1 year endorsements si Diwata para may monthly pumapasok sa kanyang pera.

“Dahil ‘di naman habang buhay malakas siya at ang paresan niya,” Tan said in her post

Diwata, visibly moved by Tan’s generosity, expressed profound gratitude, describing the surprise as an answered prayer and the realization of a lifelong dream.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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