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Dina Bonnevie recounts turning down Hollywood role opposite Mel Gibson

Despite the missed opportunity, her commitment to family remains unwavering, highlighting her values and priorities beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Veteran actress Dina Bonnevie revealed a significant career opportunity she passed up that could have propelled her into Hollywood stardom in a recent interview on ‘Fast Talk With Boy Abunda’.

The actress disclosed that she was once offered the leading lady role opposite Mel Gibson in a Hollywood film.

“I didn’t become the leading lady of Mel Gibson in ‘East of Eden.’ No, it’s not a joke,” Dina said. “I was offered to star in ‘East of Eden’ with Mel Gibson after I did ‘A Dangerous Life’ by Hal McElroy.”

The revelation came during a candid conversation on the show, where Dina shared that the opportunity arose after her performance in ‘A Dangerous Life,’ a 1988 television film depicting a journalist’s coverage of the final days of Ferdinand Marcos’ regime. Following her role in the film, she received an offer to star alongside Mel Gibson in the movie ‘East of Eden.’

Despite the allure of a potential Hollywood career, Dina opted to prioritize her family, particularly her children Danica Sotto-Pingris and Oyo Boy Sotto. She recounted considering relocating to Australia to pursue acting opportunities, which could have eventually led to a Hollywood breakthrough. However, her ex-husband, Vic Sotto, expressed concerns about the impact on their family life.

“I was offered to live in Australia and be an actress there and eventually be in Hollywood, HBO. Eh ‘di dapat Hollywood actress na ako ngayon and I’m slaying it in the Met Gala. Hitsura ni Tyla, oh, ‘di ba?”

Dina reflected on Vic’s advice, acknowledging that prioritizing her children meant sacrificing the chance to pursue international acting opportunities. While the decision meant forgoing a potential Hollywood career, Dina remains content with her choice to prioritize her family.

“I didn’t become that because I chose my kids kasi at that time na nagpaalam ako kay Vic [Sotto, her ex-husband], sabi ko, kukunin ko ‘yung mga bata. Pupunta kami ng Australia and I’m gonna live there. Vic said, ‘If you do that, you will never see your kids again,'” the actress said.

Today, Dina continues to showcase her talent and dedication to her craft through roles in Philippine television dramas such as ‘Abot Kamay na Pangarap.’

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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