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Joem Bascon and Meryll Soriano advised against having more children

Joem Bascon and Meryll Soriano face challenges and joys in parenting

Celebrity couple Joem Bascon and Meryll Soriano are finding both joy and challenges in raising their three-year-old son, Baby Gido.

Despite their desire to have more children, medical advice has suggested that expanding their family is not advisable.

In a recent appearance on ‘Fast Talk with Boy Abunda,’ Joem and Meryll opened up about their experiences as parents. Meryll, who also has an older son, Elijah Palanca, shared her insights on parenting with a partner.

“We are very challenged sa toddler phase. Ako Tito Boy, I’m already a parent coming from Eli. The difference lang for me is that I have a partner,” Meryll explained. “Kasi, it’s so different from being a single parent that you get to decide everything on your own, all by yourself. Ikaw lang mag-isa e.”

“So, now it’s fifty-fifty thing. So doon ako parang, ‘Pa’no ko ba ‘to gagawin?’ I cannot say I know better because this is a different child, different personality, different everything. But I’m very happy. I’m a very happy parent to be able to share also something very special with Joem because I love Joem.”

Joem expressed his gratitude for Meryll’s dedication to their son and emphasized his support for her. “Parang ang mabibigay ko na lang is to take good care of her, bilhin kung ano man ang gusto niya, ilabas siya kung saan niya gustong pumunta kasi ‘yun lang ‘yung kaya kong ibigay for her kasi siya nabigay niya na ‘yung buong pagkatao niya doon sa baby namin e,” he said.

When asked by Boy Abunda if they planned to have another baby, Meryll revealed their doctor’s advice. “We want to pero hindi na advisable sabi ng doktor because I am 41. Sabi ng OB namin, parang if we wanted [dapat] magkasunod as in the year after parang hindi pa nagwa-one-year old si Gido dapat sundan na,” she shared.

“Parang it was so difficult because it was his first time and we want to you know we want to really savor and enjoy. It’s so hard to prioritize getting pregnant again when we were just enjoying the blessing.”

Joem added, “At saka Tito Boy takot kami nung time na ‘yun kasi it was the pandemic. Sobrang takot namin. Even with Gido no’ng time na [pinanganak] siya, takot na takot kaming lahat.”

Joem and Meryll’s relationship rekindled in 2020 after initially parting ways in 2009. They welcomed Baby Gido in January 2021.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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