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Maxene Magalona advocates for Divorce amid Mental Health Awareness Month

Magalona emphasized that this creates a “vicious cycle,” impacting children and their future families.

Actress Maxene Magalona has spoken out on social media about the importance of ending toxic relationships and traumatic marriages, especially during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Magalona highlighted the deep cultural reverence for marriage in the Philippines, noting that while many strive to make their commitments work, unresolved personal issues can turn sacred unions into harmful and traumatic experiences.

“Marriage is supposed to be a sacred union between two people… However, because most humans have not done their individual work of healing their pain from their childhood, they get married with unprocessed wounds and end up projecting those wounds onto each other,” Magalona wrote in a heartfelt post.

She also criticized the misconception that having children can fix marital issues, explaining that unresolved problems often lead to conflicts in front of children, causing further trauma and mental health issues.

“What’s worse is that they think that having kids will solve everything. When the kids come, the problems are still there and they end up fighting in front of the children which leaves them traumatized and mentally damaged,” she added.

Magalona emphasized that this creates a “vicious cycle,” impacting children and their future families. She expressed empathy for those trapped in abusive marriages, highlighting the detrimental effects on self-worth.

“Being forced to stay in a relationship that diminishes your self-worth will make you think less and less of yourself until you don’t know yourself anymore,” Magalona noted.

She argued that divorce is essential for preserving the sanctity of marriage by ending toxic unions and maintaining healthy relationships.

“I sincerely pray for peace and progress for our nation. We deserve divorce,” Magalona stressed.


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Magalona has been vocal about maintaining a positive outlook following her separation from husband Rob Mananquil in 2022.

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