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Tom Rodriguez shares struggles with mental health, contemplation of self-harm

Rodriguez’s candid discussion sheds light on the importance of mental health awareness and the challenges individuals face in their personal battles, resonating with many who may be experiencing similar struggles.

Actor Tom Rodriguez disclosed his battles with mental health issues, including moments where he contemplated self-harm amidst personal challenges following his separation from ex-wife Carla Abellana.

Speaking on ‘Fast Talk With Boy Abunda’ last Monday, March 18, Rodriguez opened up about the difficult period he endured, particularly during his time residing in the United States.

Acknowledging the sensitivity of the topic, Rodriguez confessed, “I don’t know if I’m allowed say but there were times when it was really dark. I thought I was gonna do something to myself that’s irreversible.”

When questioned by Abunda about thoughts of suicide, Rodriguez candidly admitted to reaching such depths, recalling a pivotal moment where thoughts of his nephews and the realization of owing it to himself to persevere crossed his mind.

“There was a time nagtatago ako. I would hide away, until you go through the dark night of the soul, and then you’re able to face your loved ones, face yourself in the mirror, face your family, and then you, you start opening the conversation,” Rodriguez recounted.

The actor also shared the emotional toll of his struggles, revealing numerous instances of tears, particularly when witnessing his mother’s evident concern.

Despite the challenges, Rodriguez emphasized the importance of finding integrity, trust, and self-love, noting that everyone faces battles and can overcome hardships through reconnection with themselves and their loved ones.

Reflecting on his journey, Rodriguez highlighted the significance of maintaining composure amidst life’s turmoil and finding gratitude even in the darkest moments.

“Natutunan ko rin about love, you have to live and vibrate in a frequency of love. Kasi yung itanim mo, fear, takot, kaba. Yung aanihin mo, insecurity, kamalasan. At kapag ganoon, wala na talaga,” Rodriguez concluded, underscoring the transformative power of self-love and gratitude in overcoming adversity.

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