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LOOK: Controversy arises over GMA Network’s edited photo of Marian Rivera on coffin in TV show

The tweet lamented how Rivera’s stature seemed to be diminished by such portrayals.

A recent scene from a GMA Network television program featuring actress Marian Rivera in what appears to be a coffin has stirred up controversy among netizens, sparking discussions across various social media platforms.

The edited image quickly made rounds on platforms like X and Reddit, prompting criticism from viewers who felt the scene was not suitable for a primetime queen like Rivera.

One fan named Cora Rivera expressed disappointment, urging the network to reconsider the portrayal, stating, “Hindi nakaka primetime queen ‘to. I-tape niyo ulit ito ng maayos. Kaloka kayo @GMADrama @gmanetwork”

Further remarks from the same user suggested that the portrayal might undermine the credibility of the character and the actress. “Ginagawa namang shunga ang mga viewers. Kaya naman siguro ni accla humiga sa kabaong ng 30 seconds. Artista naman siya. It’s her job,” they commented.

Other netizens expressed frustration over Rivera’s depiction in the scene, particularly following the success of her recent film ‘Rewind,’ which performed well at the box office. The tweet lamented how Rivera’s stature seemed to be diminished by such portrayals.

As of now, GMA Network has yet to respond to the criticisms raised by netizens regarding the controversial scene in one of their television shows.

UPDATE: In a recent post, Cora addressed the concerns raised by fans, noting that the production team, under Direk Zig’s guidance, is considering adjustments to the scene. Cora expressed gratitude for the fans’ feedback, emphasizing the team’s commitment to delivering the best possible content. However, no final decisions have been made, and the production remains open to further revisions.

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