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‘Karma?’ Kris Aquino responds to criticism about her illness

Kris Aquino asserts faith and positivity

Queen of All Media Kris Aquino addressed a netizen’s comment suggesting that her current health struggles might be a result of karma due to her alleged bad attitude.

The incident occurred on Aquino’s Instagram post, where she paid tribute to the late Deo Endrinal, a respected figure in local showbiz.

Amidst the heartfelt messages, a netizen remarked that Aquino’s illness could be attributed to her purportedly negative behavior.

“Masama kasi ugali ni Kris kaya rin siguro nakakarma char,” said the insensitive netizen.

Aquino swiftly replied to the comment, defending herself against the insinuation. She pointed out that she consciously refrains from judging individuals she has never met or interacted with personally, emphasizing that illness should not be equated with karma.

Instead, she highlighted how her faith has been instrumental in her journey toward healing.

“Obviously not as awful as yours because i’ve made a conscious effort to not judge people i’ve never met nor had a personal encounter with,” Kris answered. “Illness isn’t karma- it’s God’s way of using my trials to show that FAITH does heal in His time. Wishing you [peace].”

Acknowledging the power of prayers and positive energy, Aquino shared her intention to undergo a new medical treatment to address her health condition. Despite the risks involved, she expressed gratitude for the support she has received and appealed for continued prayers from her followers.

Aquino’s response reflects her resilience and unwavering commitment to maintaining a positive outlook amid personal challenges. Her candidness about her health struggles serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy and understanding in discussions about illness and well-being.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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