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Patrick Sugui refutes allegations of wife’s involvement in Daniel Padilla controversy

As the issue continues to circulate on social media, Patrick Sugui remains resolute in denying any involvement of his wife in the unfolding controversy surrounding Daniel Padilla.

Former ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ participant Patrick Sugui has unequivocally denied recent rumors suggesting that his wife, Aeriel Garcia, was involved in alleged affairs with actor Daniel Padilla.

Addressing the speculations on his X account, Patrick expressed confusion about the origins of the rumors and clarified that his wife is not connected to the controversy.

“We don’t know where all of this is coming from. But I can assure you guys, my wife has nothing to do with this,” Patrick asserted in his social media post. He also took the opportunity to explain the circumstances surrounding their non-attendance at a previous wedding, emphasizing that they had already provided reasons for their absence. Patrick urged the public to refrain from making baseless accusations.

In a subsequent post, Patrick appealed to the public for privacy and requested them to spare him and his wife from the controversy surrounding the alleged cheating of Daniel Padilla on Kathryn Bernardo. Seeking a quiet life, he implored, “We’re trying to live a quiet life so please stop.”

Feeling compelled to speak up, particularly as his wife’s name was dragged into the rumors, Patrick affirmed, “There’s no truth to this. That’s all. Salamat.”

Responding to comments advising him to remain silent, Patrick addressed the challenge of public perception. “’Pag di nagsalita, guilty daw… pag nagsalita naman, ang ingay ko daw. Ano ba talaga. Bahala kayo diyan,” he expressed.

The controversy gained momentum when Kathryn Bernardo’s sister, Kaye, posted a cryptic reel on her Facebook account, featuring the text, “We know what you did last summer.” The caption included various years, prompting social media speculation about Daniel Padilla’s alleged infidelity. It’s crucial to note that these allegations have yet to be verified.

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