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Ben&Ben unveils exciting surprise for fans: Personal home concerts!

Established in 2015, Ben&Ben is a renowned folk-pop band celebrated for their soul-stirring lyrics, distinctive musical style, and electrifying performances.

In a thrilling announcement for fans of the popular folk-pop band Ben&Ben, the group, affectionately referred to as ‘Liwanag,’ has devised a heartwarming surprise.

Picture this: an exclusive concert held right in your own home, with none other than Ben&Ben gracing your living room.

Yes, you read that correctly! The band is ready to go the extra mile to provide their dedicated supporters with an unforgettable concert experience, directly in their homes.

The band recently took to social media to reveal their groundbreaking plan—a first-ever concert right on the doorstep of one lucky Liwanag. In a video announcement, lead vocalist and guitarist Miguel Benjamin Guico excitedly shared the fantastic news.

“Saan tayo pupunta? Pupunta tayo sa bahay ng isang Liwanag,” Miguel joyfully exclaimed from inside a car.

So, the burning question: How can Ben&Ben perform at your home?

According to the band’s bassist, Agnes Reoma, “So ayun na nga, pupunta kami sa lahat ng mga nag-comment ng ‘What if sa bahay naman namin?’”

“Papunta na kami ngayon sa mga bahay niyo,” she confirmed.

Miguel elaborated on the plan, stating, “Ang tawag dito sa ginagawa namin ay #BENANDBENSATAPAT.”

“Nanggaling siya sa isang matagal-tagal nang joke online. Sa comment section kasi namin laging may nakalagay na ‘concert sa tapat ng bahay namin when?’, ‘concert sa tapat ng school namin when?’, at ngayon tinotoo namin siya,” he shared.


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The video showcases the thrilled fan’s reaction as Ben&Ben appeared unannounced at their doorstep, ready for an impromptu jamming session.

The band played some of their chart-topping hits, ensuring that the fortunate fan had an unforgettable and intimate experience.

Ben&Ben’s aspiration is to serenade each and every “Liwanag” out there. “Liwanag” is the affectionate term they use to refer to all their listeners and fans.

Aside from dreams of performing on international stages, they are committed to singing for every Liwanag, whether on grand stages or intimate ones. This could be during a barangay fiesta, a city anniversary, a music festival, a school fair, in the Philippines, or even abroad. They aim to connect with every Liwanag who listens to their music.

Ben&Ben will sometimes take requests, and at other times, they’ll surprise fans with songs they haven’t performed in a while, including brand new releases.

“Thank you to everyone who listens to us,” the band expressed their heartfelt gratitude.

So, the only question that remains is, when might they come to your doorstep? Keep an eye out for the #BENANDBENSATAPAT initiative – you never know when Ben&Ben might surprise you with a serenade in your very own home.

Established in 2015, Ben&Ben is a renowned folk-pop band celebrated for their soul-stirring lyrics, distinctive musical style, and electrifying performances. Initially a duo formed by twin brothers, Miguel Benjamin and Paolo Benjamin Guico, the band has since evolved into a nine-member musical powerhouse.

Their music has touched the hearts of countless listeners, earning them numerous accolades, including multiple Awit Awards, Myx Awards, Wish 107.5 Music Awards, and an NME Award for Best Asian Band.

Ben&Ben is renowned for their hits like ‘Kathang Isip,’ ‘Maybe The Night,’ ‘Leaves,’ ‘Paninindigan Kita,’ ‘Araw-Araw,’ and ‘Sa Susunod Na Habangbuhay.’ They have also collaborated with other notable Filipino artists, including Moira dela Torre, IV of Spades, and UDD, solidifying their status as one of the most cherished bands in the Philippines.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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