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Dianne Medina draws criticism for mispronouncing iKON’s song title

It’s not the first time Dianne has faced such criticism.

Dianne Medina, a news reader for ‘Rise and Shine Pilipinas,’ has once again come under scrutiny for mispronouncing the title of a song by the K-pop group iKON.

This follows a previous incident where she was corrected for misreading the word “subunit.”

In this latest incident, Dianne reportedly referred to iKON’s song ‘Tantara’ as ‘Taranta’ during her news broadcast.

A video clip of her mispronunciation quickly made its way to social media, with many users questioning her readiness and preparation before going live.

It’s not the first time Dianne has faced such criticism. Her previous mistake, where she misread the word “subunit,” also garnered attention on social media.

As of now, Dianne has not responded to or commented on this latest incident.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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