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Romnick Sarmenta, netizens react to Pres. Bongbong Marcos’s call for “reconciliation” on EDSA’s 37th anniversary

Marcos also stated that Filipinos will achieve freedom only if they pursue “infinite love for humanity.”

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. extended a “hand of reconciliation to those with different political persuasions” on Saturday’s 37th EDSA People Power Revolution anniversary, February 25.

In his message, Marcos urged the public to “come together as one” in building a better society, as he remembered the peaceful uprising, which he called “a time in our history that divided the Filipino people.”

“I am one with the nation in remembering those times of tribulation and how we came out of them united and stronger as a nation,” Marcos said in a Tweet.

“I once again offer my hand of reconciliation to those with different political persuasions to come together as one in forging a better society — one that will pursue progress and peace and a better life for all Filipinos,” he added.

In a separate statement, Marcos reminded Filipinos that “despite the polarizing and divisive nature of our politics, it is our capacity for peace, unity, and reconciliation that made us great and worthy of global acclaim as a people.”

“To obtain our aspirations moving forward, we must compose ourselves and appropriate our actions towards settling our differences and identifying collaborative ways to nurture our society,” he said.

Actor Romnick Sarmenta, along with netizens, blasted Marcos’s controversial remarks.

“A hand of reconciliation would be easy to receive; if there was full acknowledgement of the the truth of history, reparations were made, if they took accountability, if the victims were recognised and their rights addressed. Anything less, is simply lip service,” said Sarmenta.

Marcos also stated that Filipinos will achieve freedom only if they pursue “infinite love for humanity.”

“By accepting our diversity, we deepen our interpersonal relationships and discover how to make things work better for all.

“I hope that we will always take to heart that democracy is only truly possible when we resign from our individualism for the sake of the common good and embrace our infinite love for humanity,” he added.

Raoul Manuel, a representative for the Kabataan Partylist, countered that the only reason for that conflict was the Marcoses.

“If there is any divide during EDSA People Power, it is division between the Marcos family and their cronies on one hand, and the patriotic, peace- and democracy-loving Filipino people on the other hand. The crimes of the Marcos family isolated them from the Filipino people and they were forced to flee the country after protests and people’s movements ousted them from power,” said Manuel.

As long as Marcos’s family continues to rewrite history, Manuel argues, peace will never be possible.

“There will be no reconciliation as long as the Marcos family continues to deny their crimes and refuse to apologize; distort history and spread false versions; fail to pay taxes correctly and hold on to remaining ill-gotten wealth,” said Manuel.

Meanwhile, Representative France Castro of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) Partylist and House Deputy Minority Leader said that while talking about reconciliation and unity is easy, action is required.

“He should [ensure] that justice is served to the victims of human rights violations during Martial Law, the peace negotiations are resumed, the ill-gotten wealth stolen from the Filipino people are returned and efforts to revise our history are stopped,” said the ACT representative.

Millions of Filipinos gathered in the streets of Metro Manila in 1986 for the bloodless Edsa revolution, which ultimately led to the overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos Sr., the current president’s father.

The assassination of former Senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr. on August 21, 1983, at the Manila International Airport, sparked widespread demonstrations that motivated the revolution.

Written by Charles Teves

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