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Netizens wish Sen. Robin Padilla would fulfill his warning of resigning over the “Cha-cha” issue

Padilla’s threat to resign has been backed by most of his critics who want nothing more than to see him actually do it.

Although President Bongbong Marcos has stated that foreign investments can still be made without changing the Constitution, Senator Robinhood Padilla has indicated that he would rather quit than abandon his work on addressing (Cha-cha) Charter change.

Padilla acknowledged that the President did not have the authority to change the 1987 Constitution. He noted, however, that he was elected as the top senator in the 2022 elections based on his commitment to amending the Constitution. This is specifically to bring about economic reform and alter the government structure.

“When we say put it aside, let’s just resign because we are no longer useful there in the Senate,” Padilla said over radio dwIZ.

“When we have a proposal and that proposal is not heard in the four corners of the democracy of the Senate, let’s resign because what are we going to do there to grow the town? That’s it. It is not possible,” he added.

Padilla’s threat to resign has been backed by most of his critics who want nothing more than to see him actually do it.

Padilla stated that during the senatorial campaign in 2022, he pledged to the public that his focus was on the Constitution and “that is what we are promoting, economic reform and the same as changing the form of government.”

The senator reiterated, “That’s why we understand what the President is saying because it’s not in his mandate. It is clear in the Constitution that the adjustment of the Constitution depends on the legislative, it will not fall to the office of the executive, in fact, the one who will ratify it is the people.”

Padilla mentioned that the committee on constitutional amendment, which he leads in the Senate, conducted public consultation hearings and other inquiries on the issue and is considering creating a committee report.

He pointed out, “If they block it, it’s OK, no problem, I’m not being personal. I just want to explain to the people. Let’s put the economy first. That’s where salary, work, and food depend.”

Previously, the Senate Minority Leader, Aquilino Pimentel III, concurred with the president that there is no need to modify the Constitution for foreign investments to be made. However, he emphasized the importance of examining the political provisions of the Constitution in the future to enhance the country’s governance system.

Pimentel maintains that there is a necessity to modify the political provisions of the Constitution and revamp the governance system to, among other things, improve the party-list system and establish stronger measures against political dynasties.

Pimentel has been an advocate of transitioning the country’s governance system to a parliamentary system with a unicameral legislature for a considerable amount of time.

“What is more urgent now is to alleviate the struggles of ordinary Filipinos. If we can help them improve their daily lives, then we give them better chances of participating in the growing economy,” Pimentel said.

Pimentel urged the government to fully utilize the economic laws that were recently passed to help the country’s economic recovery.

Written by Charles Teves

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