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No regrets about voting for VP Leni Robredo in the presidential race, the Kakampinks declare

The Naga native was a staunch critic of Duterte’s war on drugs and his government’s response to the COVID-19 health crisis.

A year ago, since former vice president Leni Robredo announced her inclusion in the 2022 presidential race and despite not winning, her supporters have no regrets voting for her.

In Robredo’s October 7, 2021 speech, she promised Filipinos that the public’s interest is her priority, if she wins the presidency.

She discussed the corrupt system and incompetent leaders who crippled the country for decades.

If we truly want to liberate ourselves from this situation, we should change not just the surnames of those in power; the corruption, the incompetence, the lack of compassion must be replaced by competence and integrity in leadership,” said Robredo who ran as an independent candidate.

Shortly after her announcement, #LabanLeni2022 trended across social media platforms while users changed their profile pictures to the color pink, Robredo’s campaign color.

What is at stake are the lives and the future of the Filipinos … billions upon billions of pesos went into questionable contracts while millions of Filipinos struggle,” said Robredo, referring to the Duterte government’s mishandling of $1.3 billion in pandemic funds.

The lack of good governance lies at the root of our many problems. This needs to end,” she added.

Aries Arugay, a political science professor at the University of the Philippines, said voters would gravitate toward Robredo due to her contributions to the country’s response to the pandemic.

For voters negatively affected by the pandemic who think the government has failed, it’s a no-brainer to vote for Robredo,” Arugay told Reuters.

Unfortunately, Robredo did not win the race and was beaten in a landslide by President Marcos Jr.

Despite the loss, her supporters have no regret backing her up during the campaign season.

Robredo previously served as a congresswoman before running for vice president in which she defeated Marcos.

The Naga native was a staunch critic of Duterte’s war on drugs and his government’s response to the COVID-19 health crisis.

She briefly served as housing minister but was excluded from Cabinet meetings under the Duterte regime. She got sacked after 18 days.

Robredo could’ve been the third woman to lead the Philippines. Currently, she heads the Angat Buhay NGO, a follow-through initiative of her when she was still the VP.

Written by Charles Teves

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