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After a reminiscent tweet went viral, delivery orders soared for Tropical Hut

Homegrown fast-food chain Tropical Hut seems to be having a sort of resurgence after it trended last week over a viral tweet.

Since a tweet about the fast-food chain went viral, a netizen shared how delivery orders in a Tropical Hut branch have been piling up.

Homegrown fast-food chain Tropical Hut seems to be having a sort of resurgence after it trended last week over a viral tweet. Over the week, netizens have been sharing their reminiscent moments with the Pinoy burger chain, as well as their sentiments about its apparent decline and practical elimination from the mainstream competition.

The root of this resurgence can be traced back to the tweet made by John Paul Tayag, with the user’s handle, @dumidyeypee, on June 12. In his original tweet, he shared a photo of the Escolta branch, and the meal he ordered. His caption reads, “Tropical Hut in Escolta, ako lang ang customer nila.

The tweet inevitably prompted netizens and old patrons of the store to go down memory lane, while they also wondered if the old glory days of the Pinoy fast-food chain can be revived. As of this writing, Tanyag’s original tweet has already generated more than 30,000 likes, as well as over 6,000 retweets and quote tweets.

Tammy David, shared her surprise when she visited a Makati branch and found out Grabfood riders lined up outside and inside the store to pick up online orders.

”TROPICAL HOT omfg,” she said while tagging Tanyag’s twitter handle @dumidyeypee 

She also shared another tweet explaining how the store has been politely declining dine-in orders to accommodate the influx of delivery orders. “PASENSYA PLEASE ��� Makati branch politely turned away dine-in customers to accomodate Grab food orders” her tweet reads.

She tweeted another set of photos showing Grabfood riders inside the store while patiently waiting to pick up delivery orders. “To those who ordered from the Tropical Hut Makati branch… be kind” she pleaded with netizens and potential customers.

 Other netizens, meanwhile, noted how word-of-mouth and clever marketing work wonders for establishments like Tropical Hut.

The whole tropical hut thing proves that the best form of marketing pa din talaga is word of mouth. People love authenticity and honest reviews.

“Lesson: Go with stories everyone can relate to. Stay honest. Reward loyalty. And highlight the journey your customers go through,” @justinvawter tweeted.

Bern The Gemini shared a similar observation. “Tropical Hut getting increased sales is why I believe Twitter is a different kind of echo chamber. It has the capacity to affect the real world.” 

Penguine, on the other hand, showed items he ordered from the store. “We jumped into the trend! 

“Ordered a lot from Tropical Hut.

“I grew up with TH because of my aunts where they work and they always tream me there.

“I ordered the BB – Big shot breakfast, for only 190 (?) Rice, ham, mushroom & cheese omelette, chicken lumpia & burger steak!”  

Started in 1962, Tropical Hut is one of the Philippines’ oldest homegrown fast-food chains. The store is considered one of the OG burger chains in the country. Trending last week, the chain has somewhat found itself in a very good opportunity to return to the limelight, as many patrons and new potential customers clamor for the opening of more stores in the provinces.

Written by JE C.C.

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