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Non-narrative show ‘PBB’ contestants raised ‘alarms’ to Pinoy netizens

Domingo later commented that at first, it was entertaining and funny, however, as it dragged on, it was not anymore.

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Season 10 housemates’ answers on a History Quiz Bee episode aired on April 10, alarmed the netizens and received mixed reactions.

The Quiz Bee master Robi Domingo asked the housemates questions related to Philippine history as part of their weekly task.

The housemates answered questions such as ‘What is the nickname of Jose Rizal?’ A housemate answered, “J. Rizal.”

Domingo continued giving out questions such as ‘What is Melchora Aquino called?’ A housemate answered, “Ninoy Aquino.”

‘What is the bridge that connects Samar and Leyte that is also the longest bridge in the Philippines?’ A housemate responded, “SLEX.”

All of their answers were wrong.

Domingo later commented that at first, it was entertaining and funny, however, as it dragged on, it was not anymore.

He hoped that this event might serve as an eyeopener of what is lacking in the Philippine educational system.

The Philippine social conservative movement also shared their sentiments via a facebook post.

The movement shared a quote by George Santayana on how one cannot remember the past resulting in its repetition.

They also emphasize their disappointment that these concepts are in elementary Grade 1 such as GomBurZa and how they are worried about the next generation of Filipino youth.

Netizens and some avid viewers of the show were quick to react to the trending episode.

One netizen clarified if he watched PBB or a different show called Battle of the Brainless.

A netizen stressed on GomBurZa as ‘majoha’ and what their reactions might be.

A netizen emphasized that the constant revisionism of history like Martial Law and information such as this ‘Majoha,’ will be filled in by trolls if not properly acted upon.

An ex-housemate even tweeted how he felt dismayed rather than amused.

He asked what is happening with the youth and this might be why historical revisionism is at its worst.

Several netizens expressed alarm about the answers of the housemates since these are basic general information and urged the Filipino youth to focus on learning history rather than TikTok.

One netizen reiterated that there is an education crisis and how this crisis is shown by not knowing Martial Law.

Another netizen speculated that the PBB episode was shown maybe because of “funny answers” but could also be a reflection of other youth who don’t know Philippine history.

Written by annebellina

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