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Desperate Harry Roque dancing with his pants wet blows up social media

Before being appointed as Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s spokesman, Roque had a fragrant reputation

Former presidential spokesperson Harry Roque appears extremely desperate to win a senatorial seat.

People seeking a position in government will do anything to win as the benefits of becoming a politician are historically coveted. Therefore, the moment election season starts, these candidates spend millions on ads and campaign materials.

They’d visit cities with the most population to garner support. Today, it is not common for them to dance to look more down-to-earth—exactly what Roque does, but his performances don’t seem to impress anyone.

He recently attended the UniTeam caravan in Ilocos Norte along with Chavit Singson and other prominent names. And just like in the proclamation rally at the Philippine Arena, Roque danced when introduced on stage as well.

He was flailing his arms in the air and doing all sorts of other dance moves. His watch even came off that made Singson laugh. People also noticed that Roque’s pants were wet. Even worse, the dancing only means he is desperate to win.

Before being appointed as Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s spokesman, Roque, had a fragrant reputation.

Roque dancing wasn’t a pleasant sight to many.

Roque’s path to winning is a little blurry. His time as a spokesman has been controversial. He berated health workers and flipped on his principles as a human rights lawyer.

Written by Charles Teves

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