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American professor lectures IATF member on face shields gets support from Pinoy doctors

Herbosa responded to Jimenez by questioning the latter’s knowledge clinical trials

Special adviser to the National Task Force Against COVID-19, Dr. Teodoro “Teddy” Herbosa, received criticism after exchanging with American chemistry professor Jose-Luis Jimenez.

Jimenez, an aerosol expert from the University of the Colorado Boulder, told ANC in an interview that face shields are “outdated,” highlighting how important it is for the government to promote quality face masks.

“Face shields are outdated. At the beginning of the pandemic, we saw that when two people talk, there were some projectiles, these droplets, were flying through the air and then a face shield could intercept them,” he said.

“Now we know that’s not the case. It’s like smoke, and the smoke can go under the face shield. So face shields, basically, are useless except in a hospital,” he added.

He also talked about maybe mandating the use of “close glasses” which are used in laboratories.

“If someone’s gonna cough in your face… but really, what we need in a place like a hospital since there can be transmitted through the eyes and aerosols can get under the face shields, is to have some closed glasses. Like safety glasses that you may use in a laboratory or something like that,

“And face shields are not useful, we should invest our money instead of in… masks and things that actually work,” he continued.

Herbosa responded to Jimenez by questioning the latter’s knowledge on the issue.

“I collaborate with medical expert such as @trishgreenhalgh, epid. Like @DFisman, microbiologist like Stephanie Dander and Raymond Yellowed, virologists like Julian Tang…” Jimenez said in another tweet.

Herbosa didn’t stop there, warning Jimenez that his statements could be dangerous.

“Airborne or aerosolized transmissions? The path (of) on bench science to clinical practice is a long route. You need to be cautious with dogmatic statements because lives are lost when the science and interpretation of the evidence is wrong,” Herbosa said.

Jimenez then explained that airborne and aerosol transmission “are the same thing,” adding that the World Health Organization “uses both terms interchangeably for both short-range and long-range.”

“I wish @WHO had considered that BEFORE they told us airborne transmission of COVID was MISINFORMATION,” he said.

Their spat continued and even Filipinos took the side of Jimenez.

Like the millions of people in the country, Raquel Fortun cannot understand why retired generals are overseeing important governmental positions.

Somehow, the audience learned a little something from Jimenez.

Doctors also didn’t like the way Herbosa tried to discredit Jimenez.

Written by Gianni Russo

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