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LIST: The Most Followed TikTokers in the Philippines

Social media tracker,, tracks the most popular users in every country in the world. As of July 2021, the most followed TikTok users in the Philippines, according to the site, are the following:

TikTok’s emergence as a massively popular content-sharing platform undoubtedly started taking place during the pandemic. Today, it continues to shape up as YouTube’s biggest rival, as millions and millions of new users hop on the bandwagon of trendsetting content-creators.

As the service becomes increasingly popular in the Philippines, celebrities and regular Filipinos tap TikTok to share their created content, join wildly popular dance challenges, and do practically anything under the sun for their dedicated followers to see.

Social media tracker,, tracks the most popular users in every country in the world. As of July 2021, the most followed TikTok users in the Philippines, according to the site, are the following:

Niana Guerrero.

Niana Guerrero maintains one of the strongest followings by any social media influencer on multiple platforms. She has a legion of fans subscribed to her content on Instagram, facebook, YouTube, and twitter. On TikTok, she reigns as the most popular user, with more than 25 million dedicated followers, who received her fun and exciting dance videos.

Yanyan de Jesus.

A member of the G-Force Tween, de Jesus currently ranks as the second most followed user on Tiktok in the Philippines. His followers are more than 16 million. His contents are usually short-form dances and an array of similar videos. He first catapulted to social media popularity when he posted a TikTok video set to Lil Darkie’s HAHA in June 2020.

Andrea Brillantes.

Brillantes is undoubtedly one of today’s most popular young actresses. She is starring in a top-rating ABS-CBN primetime TV series. On TikTok, she posts amazing dance covers, funny clips of her and her co-stars during taping, and an array of content that her fans surely love. She currently has nearly 13 million followers on the said platform.

Vanessa Kate Alvarez.

Alvarez’s TikTok profile describes her as ‘not ur typical med student’. Browsing through her profile, you can say that she certainly isn’t. This sassy lady primarily focuses on short-form dance covers with her friends, and sometimes, just herself. She currently has more than 11 million followers and an even more impressive combined 255 million likes for all her uploads.

Vladimir Grand.

This Philippines-based Ukrainian model could really make a living in the country, just by monetizing his strong social media following, alone. But I bet there’s more to that that makes him stay. His contents are screaming proofs to his increasingly growing love for the Philippines, as they usually are the ones most Filipino audiences can easily relate with. Fun spoofs and parodies, as well as dance covers are his main contents.

Sanya Lopez.

It may take a while for Sanya Lopez to officially become the new Kapuso Primetime Queen (for that title undoubtedly belongs to Marian Rivera), but on TikTok, she certainly has her kingdom to rule. With nearly 11 million followers, Lopez currently ranks as the country’s 6th most followed online personality, proving her massive social media influence. Like most content-creators on the said platform, she makes fun dance covers and hops on trends, like dance challenges and parodies.

Zendee Tenerefe.

Zendee was among viral Filipino singers who were able to penetrate the local show business. She currently appears on the primetime TV reality-singing show Sing Galing as a social media correspondent. On TikTok, she maintains a huge number of followers, which now stands at 10.4 million followers. She is also among the most popular users on the platform, with his nearly 1,200 videos receiving more than 240 million likes. Her content primarily focused on short song covers.

Star Alien.

US-based actress and TikToker, Star Alien, has a strong TikTok following in the Philippines. Her videos, which primarily showcase her lip-syncing skills, dancing, and parody-ing talents, are a hit to Filipino audiences. Her almost 200 million likes for her videos are enough indication of her massive popularity. She has nearly 10 million followers, too.

Kim Whamos Cruz.

Cruz first came to the spotlight via his hilarious Idol Philippines audition in 2019. His failure to make his dreams penetrate the recording scene didn’t stop him from becoming a popular social media personality. His TikTok account currently places 9th among the most followed in the country. Through the platform, he can continue making people laugh with his fun and hilarious clips.

Zeinab Harake.

A popular YouTuber, Zeinab Harake, extends her social media influence to various other platforms, including TikTok. She has more than 9 million followers on the said platform and has almost 70 million likes. Her contents include dance covers and short clips of her hopping on today’s TikTok trends.

Have you subscribed to these popular social media personalities, yet? Or do you have someone else in mind that you want to follow? Don’t forget to share in the comment section who they are!

Written by JE C.C.

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