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Late Christine Dacera’s friends get slammed by netizens after campaigning for Sal Panelo’s senatorial bid

Valentine Rosales posted a few photos of the meeting on his Instagram Stories with “Panelo for Senator” written in one image.

The group of friends accused of harassing and murdering the late Philippine Airlines attendant Christine Dacera was criticized online after one of them uploaded photos of him and his friends meeting the Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo.

On June 28, Valentine Rosales posted a few photos of the meeting on his Instagram Stories with “Panelo for Senator” written in one image.

The posts immediately spread on Twitter after a netizen asked Rosales and his friends if they were sure about what they’re campaigning for.

Rod Magaru also reacted to the photos with an emoji of a disgusted face and a few wastebaskets.

Another Twitter user said, “You guys are absolutely disgusting and I’ll say it to your faces.”

The fist bump emoji on Rosales’ post also didn’t go unnoticed by netizens.

“I regret defending them back in January,” someone stated, pertaining to the time when Rosales and his friends were accused of sexually harassing and murdering Dacera after a New Year’s Eve party.

A netizen gave them the benefit of the doubt and questioned whether they are forged to support Panelo so that they won’t get pinned to Dacera’s case.

In another Instagram Story, Rosales reasoned out that Panelo expressed his support towards the LGBT community and his beliefs regarding equality.

“We’re not DDS. We’re not Dilawan, either.”

In June 2019, Panelo defended President Rodrigo Duterte‘s remarks that he had “cured” himself out of homosexuality with the help of beautiful women. The then-Presidential Spokesperson stated that the LGBT community should be “glad” about Duterte’s words.

“The remarks meant that he had ‘changed’ his sexual preferences. What’s wrong [with that]?” said Panelo.

On the other hand, Rosales also aired his disappointment on Twitter, stating that everyone is entitled to their opinion and does not have the free pass to label others as supporters of the current administration or not based on their insights.

Netizens remain unconvinced and said that while Rosales made a point, his opinion is still open for criticism.

“All that freedom and he chose to side with an oppressor.”

Someone also pointed out the irony of Rosales’ statement and how Panelo is allegedly one of those who are “killing” democracy.

In a separate tweet, Rosales called his bashers “shallow-minded” and told them to learn how to respect others for their choices.

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