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Markki Stroem comments about ‘unconventional’ relationships

He asked people to respect those how are in relationships that are considered taboo in society.

Singer and theater actor Markki Stroem commented about how people look at same-sex relationships, relationships with multiple partners, and other forms of love that may seem “unconventional” and “taboo.”

Stroem uploaded a sexy image of himself on Instagram promoting his new Patreon content which he described as a “Greek God ‘Black and White’ fashion nude photos.”

He then explained that the collection contains snippets about the 12 Olympians and how he relates them to the world. One of which is Zeus, who is a powerful figure in Mount Olympus. But not only is he known as a ruler, but he was also infamous for his “erotic escapades.”

Stroem then mentioned that though Zeus’ escapades produced many offsprings, he still remained respected and powerful among the gods.

“He did have multiple partners and that IS OKAY,” the host wrote on his Instagram post.

“Zeus is an embodiment of a society that was more open & understanding. It took years to overcome, but now people are more open to different kinds of relationships.”

He then continued to discuss people’s perception of these “unconventional” relationships, saying how it affects the individuals who are involved.

“This is what forces people to keep quiet about who THEY love, forcing them to keep their LOVE hidden. Whether you be a CIS gender heterosexual couple, or a loving transman and his non-binary partner. Maybe a throuple or a loving lesbian couple. It all comes down to UNDERSTANDING!”

He added that even if Zeus was polyamorous, he still got respect from others.

“He was probably considered ‘Polyamorous’ because he had multiple partners & who are we to judge him?”

Stroem then asked everyone to refrain from judging people’s relationships as “everyone deserves to live their lives with joy and contentment.

“Let’s not cast a stone if we do not understand others. It will only lead to misunderstanding and toxicity.”


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He is currently a host for the award-winning radio talk show The Morning Rush on Monster RX93.1. He also hosts a fitness show called Fitness Tips for Lazy Peeps on CSTV every Tuesday at 7 pm.

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