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An Employer shares his ‘shock’ after a Fresh Graduate declined the Company’s starting salary of Php37,000

Netizens discussed the topic, saying that the applicant may have her reasons for declining the offer.

A Netizen expressed his shock after an applicant at his workplace declined the starting salary of Php37,000 due to her educational background.

Twitter user DearKume‘s tweet went viral after he shared his encounter with a fresh graduate from Ateneo

He said that the woman declined the company’s offer for an entry-level Marketing Associate position. When he asked why she stated that she’s expecting at least Php60,000 for her educational background.

“I’m speechless,” Kume wrote.

He then shared his budget for the position which equates to Php484,000 a year.

“I just offered it to another candidate – a very bright Marketing Management major from [the University of Santo Tomas], and she happily accepted.”

He then clarified that he doesn’t intend to bash Ateneo alumni.

Kuma also said that his point for posting was the applicant’s reason for rejecting the offer – which was because of her education.

“She was a graduate of a 4-year course like all the other candidates. She basically said she deserves 60k because she’s from Ateneo,” he wrote.

Netizens discussed the topic, saying that the applicant may have her reasons for declining the offer.

Like if she has high credentials, her family’s breadwinner, has student debt, or is just simply trying to make ends meet as someone who lives in Manila.

“Educational background is a legitimate basis for gauging your worth as a worker.”

Others questioned if it’s right to disclose some details of the job position and the applicants.

“This whole thread would have not existed if a boomer didn’t get shocked that they couldn’t exploit people,” another twitter user wrote.

Someone also stated that the girl just “knows her value.”

Netizens also called out Kume for reacting negatively to the girl’s decision.

On the other hand, there are also those who agree that the applicant’s demand was too much.

Another said that the Php60,000 salary the girl is expecting is for a managerial level position.

“You’re even lucky if you strike 37k as an entry-level salary.”

A Netizen also compared the girl’s expected salary vs. the nurses’ salary in the Philippines.

“I have two brothers studying in Ateneo and they have the exact same sense of entitlement.”

The tweet has reached 559 replies and more than 4,370 quote retweets as of writing.

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