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Jay Sonza spreads fake news, claims Bongbong Marcos a Princeton University graduate

Jay Sonza is known to spread false information to promote the agenda of the Duterte adminstration

Former broadcaster and failed political candidate Jay Sonza has been caught once again engaging in spreading of false information.

Dated February 26, Sonza shared on his Facebook account a list of the current administration’s allies who could possibly run for office in next year’s national elections.

He enumerated one by one their accomplishments. But when it came to Bongbong Marcos, Sonza inaccurately said the former senator graduated from Princeton University in New Jersey, US.

Marcos’ resumé doesn’t mention Princeton, but instead lists Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Oxford University as the institutions where he obtained his master’s and undergraduate degree from.

While it is true that Marcos went to both institutions, he actually never graduated. He didn’t finish any program he enrolled in but maintains that information regarding his education is “accurate.”

Oxford said he was only awared a “special diploma in social studies” and didn’t graduate. His resumé now includes this info.

His sister Senator Imee Marcos also didn’t graduate from the UP College of Law, which Sonza said she did in his post.

Sonza has been dubbed the King of Fake News due to his constant engagement in misleading the public.

In an attempt to promote the current administration, Sonza previously used a photo of a subway in Russia and claimed that the Manila Subway Project is progressing well.

“Ganito pala ang itsura sa loob ng tunnel tulad ng ginagawang Metro Manila Subway train sa Pilipinas.
“Mukhang malapit-lapit ng matapos ang ilang bahagi. Katunayan paspasan na ang paghahanda sa north avenue subway station malapit sa Hole 9 ng Veteran’s Golf Course,” he said.
Sonza, who has been critical of ABS-CBN, alleged that the network has ties with communists and repeated debunked issues against it which have all been cleared.
Navallo said that it is just sad to see Sonza spreading false info to stay relevant.
He said this after Sonza shared a photo of a damaged ABS-CBN van that toppled while covering the dolomite beach issue.

Written by Charles Teves

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