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Netizens notice another error in DepEd’s virtual music class

This isn’t the first time the agency has made a mistake in their online modules.

  • The Department of Education has been under fire for having several errors in a recent music class video uploaded on their YouTube channel.
  • Netizens called out the agency and aired out their disappointment in the video.
  • DepEd has faced several instances of public scrutiny after making constant grammatical and typographical mistakes on their online learning modules. 

Netizens have called out the Department of Education (DepEd) once again after it uploaded a video showing children wrong rhythmic patterns in an online Music class.

In the now-deleted video, which was uploaded to DepEd’s YouTube channel, Teacher Eujan Abracia demonstrated how to read and clap the rhythmic patterns based on different time signatures.

However, when Abracia was representing the whole note, she clapped four times instead of just clapping once and kept her hands together during four beats.

The video was re-uploaded by a netizen named Joseph Tinio who asked DepEd about the supposed lesson.

There were also other errors in the video. For example, the instructor was confused about how to say time signatures. So instead of saying “four-four” when it comes to 4/4, she said “four-fourths” like how it’s verbalized in mathematics.

“Also four-fourths? FOUR-FOUR! Di yan math! Di yan fraction!” Tinio stated in a follow-up tweet.

Another netizen pointed out the errors in the video and asked DepEd if it was really their best.

Someone then made a video correcting one of the errors in the initial video.

“DepEd doesn’t really care about students and teachers at all,” @_bbyongg wrote.

A Twitter user also compared DepEd’s way of teaching to a TikTok video. In the clip, a man was showing how every piece of block fits into the square hole even though each shape has a corresponding slot.

Others then used the deleted DepEd video to emphasize how music and arts are two of the “most neglected” subjects in MAPEH.

On the other hand, @Mrcxsm thought about the teachers who had no choice but to follow the teaching materials of DepEd.

Another reminded people not to direct their disappointment to the teachers who are also “tired”, “hard-working”, and “overworked.”

Back in August, netizens criticized DepEd for having grammatical and typographical errors in its TV learning modules.

Education Undersecretary Alain Del Pascua then admitted that there were a lot of errors as they have received messages from concerned citizens.

Singer Lea Salonga has also expressed her disappointment towards DepEd after finding several errors in their modules.

Written by J M

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